October 21, 2012

Thinking about Christmas! ( Wish List)

Hello Sweeties!

So is anyone getting ready for Christmas shopping or is it just me?
It is my favorite time of the year and I enjoy buying presents for my loved ones and making a list of presents I would like of my boyfriend ehhehehe! shh!
These bits are super cute and will list where they are from.

I will start off with the cute little books from Next, these would be such a beautiful present that would look lovely in someones kitchen or book shelf. Super cute and love that they are pastel colours very girly love it! Defiantly going to buy this as a present for someone this year. What do you think of them?
I love baking and making cupcakes, this present is a good price as well at £10. LINK
Baking is fun!!

The dress I thought would be good for Halloween night out or even a Christmas party with a few bits of jewelry that would brighten the outfit up a little. I am crazy about studs this year, I love everything with them on. LINK Not a bad price at £24.99 either. I love wearing black as well this year.

These shoes are form Next and thought they would go well with quite a lot of outfits as they are black and have lovely stud details on them. They would be good for Halloween night out this year. 
LINK £50

This top I neeeeeeeed in my life, it is perfect and love baggy shirts and it is burgandy my favorite colour to wear. This top would look perfect with pair of boots and leggings this winter. 
When I get paid this top will be mine! :)
£34 Topshop LINK

How cute is this Dog lovers diary, It would be perfect for a Christmas stocking filler!
I know I would love this :)
Next £5 LINK

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


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  1. I'm pretty sure I just fell in love with that dress!! It's gorgeous!

    xo Viivi

  2. there is still such a long time for xmas! in any case, love that dress!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  3. Wow, that dress is gorgeous! I've just found your blog via bbloggers on twitter. New follower. Not long til youre at 200!! I've just reached 200 too and I'm hosting a giveaway, thought I'd mention it just incase you want to enter :)

    1. thank you so much, i will check that out :)
      well done huni :)



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