October 18, 2012

Trip To London!

Hello Sweeties!
I wanted to update you all about my amazing few days in London, I adore this city and love traveling to see Loulabeth. I always have such a great time in London and will make sure I go quite a lot if I can.
Maybe one day soon I will live there when I graduate next year, watch this space!

I want to start this post of with what I ate and where I went to eat or food related stuff, well the first picture was taken in Harrods (such an amazing place omg) which I took for my Instagram (abikempen) all the Christmas stuff makes me so excited to start my
Christmas shopping!!! wanted to buy so much in Harrods (one day).
Loulabeth and I went to Wetherspoons for t one night, it is so worth going as I got a drink, main and pudding all for about £10. not bad at all I must say and it was gorgeous food! Just look at that waffle mmmm (Just said that in an American accent oops giddy thinking about London)
One of the other places we went was Costa, good old Costa never lets you down! We had a cheese and ham toasties and I had a raspberry and orange drink which was awesome!
Food is gooooood! so that is the food part we got up to mmm.

So I took some pictures on my way to London and ones when I got to London to show you guys, these ones bit mixture. London's weather is so much better than here in the North omy! look how sunny it was, this was like everyday that I was there :) Second picture is me sat waiting for the train to set off as I was early for the train by 20 minutes. I adore that hat too came in handy with my travels and photographing when it was a tad windy. It is from Primark for £3 such a bargain!
I love reading magazines such as Company, Glamour and Cosmo so this was a need for the train!
Omy this is a present of Loulabeth how cute is it, I adore it. Laura's such a wonderful friend <3 

We went to the Natural History Museum which is always awesome no matter how many times I have been, always so interesting made me wish I did a science degree. We went to the V&A to have a nosey at the ball gowns exhibition. 
Oyes! made In Chelsea started on Monday, best programme ever. was so happy for it to start while I was in London with Loulabeth as we both adore watching it.
I used Loulabeths models own and Essie polishes to create this when she was in university for few hours. will do a post on this soon for you all .
The cupcakes where made by Loulabeth for my arrival to London how cute is she, they tasted amazing and are super cute!

We decided after watching Made In Chelsea we would go have a wonder around Chelsea and go into Harrods for a nosey at all the beautiful things! How I wish I could shop in there all the time beautiful handbags and I wanted all of the dog products for my beautiful Izabella because she deserves it all cutie.
Harrods was amazing and we had such a wonderful time walking around and having a good chat about everything. Thank you Loulabeth for such a wonderful time!

We went to a cute bakery for a cute cupcake and a cup of t, it was perfect!
Best cupcake I have ever had it was from The hummingbird Bakery in Chelsea.
I would highly recommend this bakery and I want to go back asap! <3

Finally when I got home I was met with flowers and some big cuddles of my gorgeous baby Bella <3
Happy girl!

Hope you enjoyed this post sorry it is very long but I really enjoyed my time in London.



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  1. Look lke a fab time. Those cupcakes look gorgeous :) xx


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