November 15, 2012

Christmas Stocking fillers for Him

I did a for her post yesturday so thought I would make one for him. These where really fun to find and put together hope it helps to find bits for this Christmas.

This dinosaur is super cute you will have to buy this for your brother or boyfriend as every one will love this little guy. It is a good alternative to a hot water bottle and is super cute! love him aww Link £8

This little guy is awesome, how cute is the little beanie! He is a speaker and will play your music loudly. I know my boyfriend would love this gadget. £20 Link

Star wars is awesome and I know this will be perfect to have in a stocking as it is a cool little piece. Even has a led light in the foot :)
Link £8

A hip flask is always a good thing to buy as you can get all sorts of different pretty designs, this one could be for her or him as urban outfitters has plenty to choose from. Mustaches are everywhere this year so this is perfect! LINK £12

I bought these balloon animals for a friend last year and it was super fun trying to create the animals. everyone on Christmas day had fun with this so I defiantly recommend this one. such a good price as well and they are good quality £6 Link

This one could be a main present as it is £45, depends on what your budget is but I have one of these from Urban outfitters and it is amazing. best buy I have made since being at university even though I study Photography. This camera is so easy to use and the images are so much fun to have printed with this camera. This would be a perfect Christmas present for a boyfriend of a year or your brother if he loves taking photographs. :) LINK

Hope you enjoyed these posts and it has given you some ideas :)




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  1. I bought Dom a Lego man keyring like the starwars one, they're so cool :) x


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