November 09, 2012

Fantastic 2012 Gifts - Challenge

I have been asked to take part in this blogger challenge, it is a fun one so I am glad I got the email.
I adore buying Christmas presents for my Friends and family it is my favorite time of the year. I always think to myself I must buy one nice big present for each person but I always end up buying people some sort of little bits. I love all the little bits such as Christmas gift sets from Boots or socks from Primark! 

Bag: £28 Topshop
Ipad case: £16 Topshop
Socks: £6 Topshop
Owl Jumper: £16.99 Newlook
Yankee candle: £6.29 Link

I will start with the Yankee candle, who doesn't love a candle that smells amazing in the house round Christmas time. The candle can make a perfect setting for a bubble bath using all the lush, boots products you got or it can be in the lounge while you watch a perfect Christmas movie. I defiantly will be buying one for me oops and some friends just because they are perfect.

Ooo that owl jumper would be perfect to keep you a cosy on those winter Christmas nights, I adore anything with an owl on it and this is super cute with the ears and everything. it is simple but an effective present. The person I bought this for would remember I got it them as they probably know I am obsessed with owl things. :)

ahh the Christmas design on socks is perfect, I adore getting socks from Primark or Topshop as I chose these from there. cosy cute socks are a must every Christmas! Don't you agree?

Anything with a mustache on this year has been popular from Lush to chocolate mustaches in Next, It is super cute and fun this Ipad case and I have some friends in mind that would love it. It is funky and would be a fun gift to talk about when someone opens it. 

This bag is gorgeous! I want it and I know that my best friend would love this and the price is perfect not to pricey for the bank balance this year! Super excited to start my Christmas shopping and this will be on my list hopefully :)
I would love to fill this bag with some Lush stuff so it has some hidden treasures in it when opened! super cute too I love doing presents and buying bits to go with it. Love to treat my family and friends at Christmas and as it is my favourite time of the year!

Bring on the Christmas dinner and presents! <3

What ideas have you got for presents?
Join in with this challenge? LINK

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  1. OMG! I bought that yankee candle today with my fiance. Smells so amazing! Didn't have the jars in stock though so had to get a pack of the small ones, room will be smelling great for a while though :D x

    1. cannot wait to by one , sounds amazing :) xx


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