November 02, 2012

Kate Moss #107 Lipstick Review

Hello Sweeties!
I want to share with you the best buy I have made lately, which is this Kate Moss lipstick.
Any one tried these?

So I bought the 107 one by Kate Moss as my favorite red lipstick I have miss placed, it was from Avon but cannot find it again so thought I would try a different one. I ahve always loved Rimmel and thought why not try this one as I love the red packaging and it stood out to me every time it was advertised, I am a sucker for lipsticks and I want to buy all of these! I have to wait for pay day end of November to purchase a few more. :)

I am a huge fan of this matte lipstick, it is very creamy and really has full coverage over the lips. It stays on as well for a while and sits well for a night out which is super! I wear this lipstick a lot now and have taken a photograph using my Instagram @abikempen wearing this one which I will post under this.
This lipstick you would have thought might dry out your lips and cause the imperfections to show up, I can tell you it really doesn't it has such a lovely finish to it This lipstick glides on so well and lasts up to about 3 hours which is really good and what I look for in lipsticks, there is nothing worse with having to keep checking your lipstick and re applying more that a couple times while out and about.
I recommend this lipstick it is perfect colour cherry for this season and is suitable to be worn day and night, I wear mine everywhere lately as i love it that much.
The next one I would like to purchase is #110 as it looks super girly and to add to my collection slowly of these I would love a more toned down one from the #107. Personally I love a good red lipstick in my make up collection and this is the one! really impressed by it and will purchase again and again! This is rare for me as I am very picky with lipsticks :)

Defiantly buying more of these as they are perfect, comfortable and smooth lipsticks that last hours!

What do you think of the Kate moss lipsticks?
Do you recommend a certain colour?

Me wearing the #107 lipstick.

Hope you enjoyed my post!


  1. I got this lipstick too and I am in love with the colour! I'm going to be hunting down #111 next!:D xx

  2. what a stunner of a colour! It reminds me of MAC New York Apple

  3. What a gorgeous colour! Suits you so well! Fab colour for these winter months. :)

  4. pretty!
    I like your blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you want :))

  5. I have this too and love it! It looks lovely on you :) x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  6. Love this colour will have to get this xx

  7. you look so so pretty Abi (:
    the colour is amazing!

    L x

  8. I love wine stained lips! I need some in my life right now :)

  9. I love this lipstick, I bought mine for Halloween :D I recently posted on it also. It look gorgeous on you xx


  10. Lipstick looks gorgeous, definately going to invest :)

    Pop over to my blog and say hi if you get chance :)



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