November 01, 2012

My week in photographs

Katy Perry eyelashes/ New dog socks from Primark/ Postcard from South Africa/ Me sad hugging Bella/ Rolo choccie/ Fave drink ever! / join in please/ Bella/ Halloween night out/ Heather and me / Doll face! / Friends as crayons/ Emma & Me/ Bella and her new harness/ Autumn is pretty!

Hellos sweeties!

Thought I would update you all on what I have been doing recently while I have chance, Just finished my literature review for my dissertation so thought I would blog <3

My week has really been quite busy from university, work and a night out dressed up as a doll. I was going to go as Katy Perry but my wig was annoying so I went as a doll instead. Heather is a katy Perry doll too :) She is such a super friend Love her lots!

The post card from South Africa is from my Dad and Nana, They still live in South Africa and we have just got back in touch after ten years so it is super cute. I adore South Africa and proud to have lived there for 15 years of my life. Really miss the awesome weather as it is freeezing here in England right now brrrr!!

The hashtag project is for my university work please could you #representationproject to a photograph on your Instagrams please, lets see how many we can get in one night? I challenge you!! <3

Bella and her new harness love treating my pup to new things and this I recommend as she is super good walking in her harness and has stopped pulling, it is super handy and she looks so cute in it.
Autumn is beautiful don't you think, love all the pretty colours!

hope you enjoyed this post :)

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kemples xoxoox

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