November 12, 2012

Pulp friction Review. Soap & glory

Pulp Friction: Body Scrub.

This Soap & glory product is my all time favorite, it smells and feels amazing on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling amazing for a couple days, silky soft and feeling really smooth. I would recommend this as a scrub before going to apply fake tan because it leaves the skin with a super smooth base. 
It foams up so it is like a body wash that is rough on the skin but gives it such a good scrub and leaves you feeling super!
The colours of the beads makes it super girly and fun to use, this product you need to get buying for friends or family this Christmas, they will love you!!
I have bought this twice and both times I love it and think this product is the best, specially after a Lush bath bomb and using all my other Soap & Glory products! I do own a lot :)

I love how you can feel the difference straight away and in my opinion beats all the other scrubs out there because it is instant and really gives a good exfoliation. 

I bought this in Boots 3 for 2 and will be asking for more this Christmas as it is one product I will be using for a while and will never hate it or get bored! promise you this :)

It is £8 which is pricey but after using this it will be all okay! :)
Best bet is asking for it for Christmas this year or buying the Christmas packs at Boots, more for your money then :)
I love anything fruity and that smells super yum so this is perfect.

As you can tell I adore it :) what do you think?


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  1. Might have to try this soon! (: x

  2. I love Soap and Glory! I've never tried this but will definitely give it a go :D


    1. It really is so goood :) let me know on twitter what you think of it when u buy it :) @abikempen xx


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