November 12, 2012

Rimmel Clear complexion

Clear complexion: Rimmel 

This powder is my all time favorite, I buy it every time it runs out and have done for a few years now. I always tend to drop it though when doing my make up, probably because it is my favorite product and it sets my make up really well. I honestly do not like not having this in my make up bag because it works so beautifully on my skin to set my foundation and blusher. Blends in the blusher perfect and create a smooth finished look. My make up sets so well with this product and it is only £3.99 so it is not to bad either. As it is translucent, it doesn't change the look of the make up, just sets the make up nicely and the look lasts all day. It is brilliant and is a must for my make up routine everyday. 
This product covers up any naughty spots that I want to hide perfectly and lasts up to about 5 hours!
I recommend you try this product and wont be disappointed  I never have been with this as I keep buying it over and over. I have used the Mua powder but it has a odd smell but works well too if you want a cheaper version. This one is worth the extra few pounds though go for it! :)


What do you think of this product?


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  1. What a great blog, I love what your're doing here! Great information and inspirations!


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