November 11, 2012

Soap & Glory: Rub your nose in it review

Soap & Glory: Scrub your nose in it!

This product I have a love hate relationship with to be honest but will explain why, this product refines large pores and prevent blemishes. It has a special fruit acid formula that feels amazing on the skin when you wash your face with it after a long day of wearing make up. I try not to use it too much as I think it is a product you use about 2-3 times a week and use a different face wash on the other days so that the skin doesn't get used to it and just not work. I love this product because of the smell and how it feels on my skin, it is like a little fizzy on the skin and if you leave it on for a little bit while you bath it feels amazing after with smooth skin. 
On the down side it did bring out a few spots that really hurt and stuck out like a sore thumb for days which everyone will hate but saying this it brings out the 'dirt' from the skin and refreshes it. My skin has looked brighter since using this but I don't recommend to use it as the only face wash for an every day wash but as per it is brilliant product from Soap & Glory, I am a huge fan of them and will continue to be no matter what, I always feel amazing after using any of their products.
Have you tried this product, any thoughts?

I recommend this as a beauty product you need this winter/ Autumn :)
I have a few more products by Soap & Glory that I will be posting about over the next few days :)


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  1. Excited to start using this, it smells amazing! (: x

  2. I have the scrub of your life and I absolutely love it!

    Efia @


  3. I saw this in boots but the name really put me off for some reason, how silly! Might have to go back!


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