November 14, 2012

Stocking Fillers for Her

Love Heart candles are a great stocking filler because everyone loves the little messages they contain and brightens up a Christmas morning with some lovely candles or even a Christmas bath suing your lush presents :) £5.99 Firebox

These cute little heated sock animals are super specially for the Winter, fun alternative to the hot water bottle. They smell of lavender and warm up easy in the microwave. You can choose from 6 colours. you can get this from Firebox  for £11.99.

This raccoon hottie is perfect, I adore animals such as pandas which have black and white patches on their eyes just like my border collie has. yes that might be sad but I adore her :) I defiantly will be asking  for this in my stocking ahha! Link £8 many more ones such as a cat and guinea pig 

I love everything form Jelly Belly and always have a car air freshener by them. These I have seen in a phone shop and they really do smell so nice! This is perfect as it smells gorgeous, many colours to choose from and perfect for the Iphone lovers. Link £14.99

Oyes you need to buy something from Lush for sure. I will be asking for some Lush products this year as they are all brilliant. Not tested on animals either which is gooooood!! :)
The name Christmas candy box is just appealing, you get 5 different products and your friends and family will adore this so its perfect. LINK £19.95 perfect for 5 products!

everyone loves baking this Christmas and it is a fun activity for the whole family. These are so cute and will create perfect cupcakes. Christmas is a fun time of year and being creative is key for me :)
LINK £10

everyone needs a glitter nail polish this Christmas as it is so glittery and girly. creates a perfect look to go with all your outfits I think. I have been addicted to using glitter polishes this year so really do recommend buying one this Christmas £6 link

I do love having some dip dyed clothes in my wardrobe and this would be a perfect present to add to your lists and the colours are cute. Wearing this with some leggings and your Christmas slippers will be so comfy after eating a huge dinner! Link £18

Hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some help on finding perfect little presents <3
Might do a For him post if you want?

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  1. I saw the hot water bottles when I was looking for gifts to put on mine, they're so cute & I'm not even kidding when I say this I was like omg I bet Abi will love those! (: xxx

    1. i really do :) you know me to well hehehe xx


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