November 23, 2012

Topshop Wish List

Here is my Topshop wish list for this month ( November) I might even treat myself to something of this list on pay day. which one should it be?

I adore the knitted bobble hats this Winter/ Autumn as it keeps my head warm and adds to the outfit I feel. I have a navy bobble hat at the moment and would love this burgundy one please.

I adore the colours and style of the top, it is girly and super cute with the collar detail. pair the boots with leggings and bobble hat and bammmm perfect outfit. Don't forget the black leather jacket too.
This outfit won't be perfect without the right lipstick and this one from Topshop which is the nude shade,   fun for a day that does not need a bright lipstick as I tend to wear my Kate moss 107 too much lately.

These boots are a must have, I need these boots in my life and so does Loulabeth. They are perfect in every way and would go with so many outfits, I have been looking for some perfect boots as I am so fussy but these I would love in my wardrobe please!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


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  1. Loove the bobble hat! xxx

  2. Such a cute beanie. Love the backpack and the boots too :)


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