December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella The Border collie

Hello Sweeties!
Tomorrow is a special day for a special little dog, It is my border collies birthday she is two years old and was thinking how time flies. She means the world to me and thought it be nice to do a post that I can look back on in many years to come and have some memories saved.
She is the best little dog I could ever ask for and loves her dad (Rob) and me so much. very loyal and such a cutie who loves car rides and teddy bears. We went to Pets At Home for a new toy for her and let her pick one out, she really did pick one she decided on a grey teddy bear. She is currently lying next to me cuddling this bear <3
So hope you enjoy this post and hopefully many more lifestyle posts to come <3

 As she was one of my mom's border collie babies I was there when she was born this was taken a few hours after when they got settled. I am so happy got to witness this because as soon as she was born I told my mom please I have to keep that one and now she lives with me and my boyfriend. He bought her for me as a Valentines present which really happened to be end January when we got her.She will always be the best thing in my life and she gets spoilt rotten with loads of hugs and teddies.
     First day we got to take her home, the Border collie teddy is larger than her which we bought for her to make her feel at home and safe <3
 Look how small she is omy, Here she is a few months old and such a mischief :)
 This is the first toy I bought her, she was one of my mom's dogs babies so I used to sneak her to my room for a cuddle :) This photo was taken just after I found out I could keep her <3

 She adores having a good run outside with a Frisbee or tennis ball, we enjoy long walks and going to the park together :)
This was taken today before we went to Pets at home for a birthday present for Bella, she picked out a grey teddy bear and was such a good dog in the shop. She loves doing tricks and going for drives in the car with me, she is like my little shadow <3

Happy 2nd Birthday Izabella 

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, it made me think how fast she has grown :)

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  2. Love this post! I love my pup as well, I know we'll have years of happiness together


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