December 19, 2012

Monthly Fave Blogs

Hello Sweetie pies!
I thought I would share a couple blogs a month that I adore, share the blog love! <3
As I have many blogs that I love to read thought I would share some of my favorite bloggies!
Feel free to leave a comment with your blog links I do love finding some new blogs to read :)
 feel free to leave feedback if hate or love this idea :D

Image from Loulabeth

I am going to start with my little buddy Laura she is super and love her to bits, she tries really hard with her blog and is very passionate about it. We used to work together and got on very well from the beginning which is awesome and we tend to love the same things. She got me interested in starting to blog as we both adore beauty products and going on days out. She lives in London at the moment and I do love going there to see her it is a beautiful place.
Here is her blog link Loulabeth and her blog is full of cuteness and I really enjoy reading her reviews on products.

Image from Babyface

This blog I adore by Amy she blogs about personal style, her beauty favorites and some everyday life posts with some adventures added in. This blog shows her amazing style  and is well documented with lovely photographs, she also does well reviewed products which are lovely to read.
 It is a lovely blog to read and keep up to date with, defiantly one to add to your favorites.
here is the link to her blog- BABYFACE

Let me know if should do this post every month and would love for you guys to send me some links.


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