December 28, 2012

Meet Alfie

Alfie My Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend who let me pick him on Christmas eve from this lovely farm near our house. It was the best surprise as I have wanted a little bunny for ages and didn't think I could get one yet. He is the cutest little bunny ever and so friendly, he loves hopping around with Bella and exploring. My Collie Bella is so good with him, she is such a good girl so proud. Alfie is only 8 weeks old so he is still a baby, love his white belly and mustache so cute.
He is a Black Otter rabbit which is sweet, my friend Liz has the same bunny which is cool. 
He gets plenty cuddles and kisses, he fits in perfectly to my family, so happy with my babies as you can see in the top right corner, that photograph I will be printing to go in a frame I got for my 21st in May as it is the perfect photograph of my babies. My hair tad fluffy as just got in from work on boxing day. :)

Thought I would introduce you to little Alfie :)
I adore my animals so much <3 




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