December 30, 2012

My New Years Resolutions

So thought I would do my New Years resolutions on my blog so that I can go back to them and read this to remind myself what needs doing! plus it is good to have somewhere to write (type) down things that are on your mind. 2012 has flown by and I cannot believe how fast it came and went specially Christmas this week. I have a big year this 2013 because I graduate from university and need to start my grown up life by figuring out my job and hopefully being able to afford my own little home with my Rob and animals. 
bring on a happy New Year please!!

My New years resolutions: 

Some are to be done this year and some to be done by time I am 30 at least

  • This is going to sound cringey but all I want is to be happy, specially with my boyfriend Rob and our animals. 
  • Will go to the gym again like I used to last summer and work out to be healthy and eat healthier and look after myself plus want to look good at my graduation and feel happy.
  • No takeaways from the 1st January for two months.
  • Save save save money!
  • Go on holiday or even a small break away as would love to take Rob on a plane as he has never been on one! Im lucky as lived abroad for 15 years and experienced something different, want him to as well.
  • Graduate with a decent grade! it is very important to me this one.
  • Finish my dissertation to the best I can and get on to the final show in London <3
  • Get a car that does not leak through the roof, nightmare when it rains a lot here in England!
  • make sure I take time out to relax
  • I defiantly want my own home with Rob and to decorate our own space would be perfect by June/July.
  • All I want to do is work hard and enjoy my job :)
  • Keep this blog running as I love to blog and reach 1000 followers.
  • make time for my beautiful friends as before you know weeks have gone by.
  • travel to London more plus get to see  Laura  there 
  • Deal with my anxiety and enjoy my life because I am lucky .
  • Feel confident in my own body and enjoy everyday <3 
  • Walk my lovely dog everyday even when its raining.
  • I understand Afrikaans very well and learn't this in 3 months when I lived in South Africa so I would love to be fluent in German by end of the year. (Summer Project)
  • Take plenty of photographs and get them printed so I do not loose them if laptop dies.
  • Save for our dream holiday to Australia for 2014.
  • Go to the beach with Rob and Bella this Summer more often.
  • Do my final show at university to the best I can possibly do.
  • not to let little things upset me
  • Open a savings account
  • start to donate money to RSPCA again and carry on donating to Dogs Trust.
  • Try work with animals at a zoo etc dream job that I would be very passionate about.
  • go first class on a train
  • swim with dolphins
  • stay in a beach hut.
  • smile more and enjoy being myself and become confident.
  • Get another dog when we move in to our own house.
  • go camping

So many goals but I am determined to make this 2013 a big year as it already has some big plans in there such as graduating and finding my own little home. I might add to this as I go along too. 

What are your resolutions?
feel free to comment below or send me the link of your post?




  1. I also want to eat healthier this year, self acclaimed veg-phobe x

  2. Aww I hope you get a place with Rob soon, you deserve it so much! X

    1. thank you hope so too you can bring your pug round to see bella and stay whenever u need too :D xx

  3. I always try to save money at the start of the year but it never lasts! x

    1. same but really going to try this year eeek xxxxxx

  4. oh my days! i definitely NEED to save money or get a job or something :/ so bad with money these days...sigh x

  5. GREAT RESOLUTIONS...I'VE DECIDED NOT TO SAY SO...AND JUST LET IT BE :) I am so following your blog. I hope you can check out my site: and join. So, we can keep up to date with each others. Thanks for your time. Hope to see you joining...God Bless!

    Steven :)

  6. i love this... im following your blog, please would you go check mine out, it would mean alot xx


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