December 31, 2012

Ponche Lush Shower Gel

This product I got for Christmas and it smells so super, it is inspired by a Mexican Christmas punch which has orange juice and a shot of tequila in it which makes this product boozy, fruity and uplifting as it says on the packaging. This is a product that can be used a few times a week as it is strong scented but perfect. It is a very festive product that will get used plenty of times through to the new year. I didn't think I would like this product as I am a fruity strawberry scent lover and thought it would be very strong scent but it is such a lovely product you just cannot say no to it,  anything by Lush does make me fall in love. This Christmas products where very good and I already want to purchase some more products soon.
The scent of this is fun and leaves the skin feeling lovely and you won't be disappointed,  the only down side to this product is that it is now unavailable as it is the Christmas limited edition. 

What do you think of this product?
Did you love it this Christmas?




  1. i remember thinking i wouldn't like this either, but i smelt it in store & was surprised :)

    L x

  2. I bought this in the sales and unfortunately the bottle leaked a bit in the bag :/ Didn't loose a lot of it though and now I have it under control :) x

    1. aw nooo thats not goood but at least you saved it in the end :) xx

  3. This is so amazing! Love it x


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