December 12, 2012

Sanctuary Gift Set Review (*)

Taken from the  website to get to know the product more: ''This gift was inspired by Darcey Bussell a graceful beauty with an enviable complexion. As a former principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet for almost 20 years she embodies natural beauty & happiness. The Sanctuary Spa was originally set up 35 years ago as a place for ballerinas at the Royal Ballet to unwind & enjoy treatments to relax tired muscles. With this sumptuous Gift set you can be ballet beautiful top to toe in no time; take home luxury & renew your inner glow as you replenish, relax & revitalise.''

 I will start of with the packaging of this beautiful Sanctuary set which from first glance looks eye catching and has very classy branding which stands out and makes it feel very personal and perfect for a Christmas present. The wash bag it comes in is very high quality and is water resistant which is a bonus too. The colours have been very well considered and stands out on its own and recognizable as Sanctuary. The wash bag has a embossed logo of Sanctuary on it which is lovely and has a little extra zip on the bag for little bits you need to fit in. It is a perfect size for traveling and this goes hand in hand with the size of the products.

Gift set includes:-
  • Foaming Bath Soak 75ml 2.53floz
  • Body Lotion 75ml 2.53floz
  • Brightening Radiance Exfoliator 15ml 0.5floz
  • Brightening Moisture Boosting Mask 15ml 0.5floz
  • Luxury Foot Polish 75ml 2.53floz
  • Intensive Rescue Heel Balm 75ml 2.53floz
  • Ballet Slippers

The size of the products is perfect to pamper yourself anywhere, home or traveling which is perfect if going away for the weekend in the New Year.I adore the packaging again on the products, stands out well and is very classy such as a ballerina which it is branded on. The design is very elegant and perfect quality products that leave you feeling relaxed and smelling amazing after a long day or getting ready for a Christmas/ New Year party.
The slippers add a cute touch to this hamper and gives a great end to the pampering specially after using the intensive heel balm with the luxury foot polish which both products work very well and I adore tea tree which smells amazing. Both products are worth trying and do what they say they will, creates perfectly soft skin on the feet and cute soft slippers to add to it.

The face mask is a ultimate moisture boost mask to revive the skin for a glowing finish. This really is what it does, it feels so soft and glowing which creates a lovely base for the daily make up routine. Recommended to leave this product on over night which is an option for extra boost, so much love for face masks but this one is in my top ten and would use it again.
While I had the face mask on I tried the foaming bath soak which smells super and is extremely relaxing and creates the perfect bath time! add some candles to get that perfect spa smell from the bubble bath and relaxation from the dimmed lights.
After the bath try the body lotion it is such a lovely cream it leaves the skin soft and happy, the smell of it is amazing and left my skin feeling clean and well moisturized for 24 hours which is perfect.
The radiance exfoliator refines and evens skin tone for a lasting glow, is one of the best products I have tried in ages because it leaves the skin feeling soft and feels like you have been to the spa which is a bonus because this whole package costs just £20 which is perfect for a Christmas present or just a treat for yourself after a long day.

Highly recommended products and perfect packaging.

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