December 05, 2012

The perfect party outfit!

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Hello Sweeties! It is now nearing to the Christmas Party season and as I am trying to find the perfect outfit for my Christmas party this Sunday I thought I would try and help you guys with a little outfit post. 

The dress is a perfect colour this season as it is a burgundy shade, to make it even better it is velvet which brings a whole new feel to this dress for the party. It is such a lovely shade it will stand out for itself and look fab and different. The length and style is super cute to go with the bowler hat which brings in a bit of edge and chic to the outfit. I think that this outfit could be worn again with some Chelsea boots and a leather jacket. bargain if you ask me, as you won't just be buying a dress that you can only wear once and it won't go to waste sat in the cupboard.  

I tried to keep the accessories simple to match the black and gold heels, how cute are those heels I defiantly wish I could buy them for my Christmas party! they are a little pricey for my budget this December as I want to save for presents for my friends and family.
The bag is simple with cute gold detail to match the heels and bowler hat, it brings out the colour of the dress. I do love black heels as I love to be able to match them with plenty of my outfits, these are defiantly on my wish list!
Shoes and more shoes why not!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Has it inspired you to buy a similar outfit?
Enjoy the party season guys!


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  1. I like the hat. I've been looking at a plain version of the hat in Topshop and they're so cool! x

  2. really love this outfit!the dress is gorgeousss!


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