December 31, 2013

2013 In Photographs!

So after doing my 2014 new year resolutions it made me want to look back at some of my Instagram images to see what 2013 was made of. 2013 was mostly made up of trying my best in my third year of university which I loved so much, I was able to push myself to do a project I was proud to say was mine on the walls of our exhibitions in Preston and the one in London. I am so pleased I was able to go to London to exhibit my owl photographs and I was able to pass my dissertation, I defiantly thought I would not be able to write one but in the end it all came together and I tried my best. I even got nominated for a creative focus award which was awesome, made me feel happy about all the hard work I put in. I really enjoyed university and so happy I got to graduate because that was a goal of mine when I was little. I made my family proud and it was great to do something I really enjoyed.

For my blog I started it just before 2013 began and I am so pleased with the progress it has made. I enjoy doing blog posts and watching YouTube. It is something that I feel happy to be part of and to have my own creative space on the internet. Thank you to all that comment and read my blog posts. So happy that I have people subscribed to my blog and that you enjoy what I write about. I have been able to contribute to so many amazing things whilst blogging such as working with great people and contributing to magazine articles.

I am so happy that I have Rob to support me with everything I do, he literally puts up with so much as I am a little worry pot. This February we will have been together for 4 years and I hope for many more to come. I am so grateful for all the support he gives me with my blog and everything in the world.
I am so happy to have a beautiful dog in my life and she has made 2013 great just by being my little girl, she follows me everywhere and she gives me hugs every day. she is just the best, we took her on many long lovely walks this year and will continue to look after her in 2014. many more adventures with our perfect little poochie.

In November we lost one of our border collie family members, he was called Denver and just a beautiful little man. This broke my heart and I hated having to say good bye to such an amazing dog but we had the most amazing 6 years with him and he was loved more than anything in the world. Hardest thing I had to do was see him go but he is forever in our hearts! <3

2013 was the year I turned 22 and had an amazing birthday and it felt like such a great year! 23 in 2014 which makes me feel really old but this year I will be able to get my own home and it will be awesome!

2013 was a successful year for me and I managed to complete many goals and I hope 2014 brings many good memories and happiness :)



December 30, 2013

New Year Resolutions 2014!

Last year when I started my blog I made a new years resolution blog post, I managed to tick so many goals this year and I am proud of this as usually I look back at my goals and think oops not much has been done. This year I made sure I met at least half of my goals and here is the blog post to show you guys what I achieved. ( Achieved goals 2013 )

This year I thought I would do the same post and see how many goals I can achieve by the end of 2014. Not many people like to set goals on new years but I like to make notes and keep diaries so this post is fun for me and it keeps me motivated, reminds me on what I set myself. I am my own enemy when it comes to university work or keeping up with weight loss or gaining too much, I beat myself up about little things but this year that will change! I am going to let myself feel calm and enjoy this year! I will list my goals below :)

so here it goes my goals for 2014!

  • To start off the goals of 2014 my first one would be to save some money to go towards a car, holiday and our first home.
  • no stress this year and to not worry about little things.
  • this year for me will be exciting, I want it to be a year to remember.
  • exercise and keep a healthy diet. only to make myself feel better and feel toned up.
  • go to the gym at least 2 times a week min.
  • re join the gym classes such a zumba and yoga.
  • get myself a car that won't give me as much trouble as my recent one has given me
  • I want to carry on blogging as I really enjoy it and post as least 5 times a week.
  • This year we will get our own home and this will be super exciting! 
  • eat less chocolate as I have a huge sweet tooth.
  • go on adventures and long walks!
  • Go to the beach more often in the Summer with our dog.
  • I want to learn a couple new skills this year! 
  • visit London more often 
  • Book a mini holiday to Paris!
  • I want to carry on with my photography projects!
  • start a YouTube channel?
  • carry on printing out my photographs to keep them safe!
  • Read more books!
  • I want to sort out my wardrobe become more involved in fashion.
  • I will carry on to look after my dog Bella to the best I possibly can, she is my little angel.
  • spend more time with others and plan more days out!
  • take plenty of photographs!
  • start exciting projects!
  • I want to fall in love with many things this year and just enjoy life!
  • discover new things
  • blog blog blog as I just really love to type up posts and spend time on my blog.
  • do more lifestyle posts and go on fun days out!

This year for me, I want it to be exciting such as getting our first home, going on mini holidays, saving to go Australia for a holiday and just having a great fun time. I want it to be about finding myself and seeing the world.

Do you have any New Year goals?
Send me your blog links to read them as this sort post is my favorite to read!
Here are my 2013 goals! LINK

Happy New Year everyone!!


December 26, 2013

Boxing Day OOTD Wish List - Topshop

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day and that today you all find some great bargains, I am personally having Christmas lunch at my boyfriends today and would love to have had this to wear. I think it will be super comfy and still look great and stylish. I adore the pants, I am loving that tartan has come back in this year. I would pair the pants up with a simple top and this one is great as it has longer sleeves and covers your bum. I find these tops more flattering on myself when I wear leggings or jeans. 

How cute is the necklace, I love the little bug but the colours on it are just stunning! 
With my make up I would wear a cat flick and red lipstick, this one from Topshop would be perfect. I love the colour and texture of the Topshop lip products. 

I am in love with these shoes, they have fake fur on them and they would team up well with the pants as they are fun but without being subtle at the same time. You don't want to overdo the pattern when you have pattern on your legs. This outfit would be perfect to go out sale hunting on Boxing day!

What would you wear from this wish list?


December 23, 2013

Manchester Christmas Market!

I couple weeks ago myself and Rob went to the Manchester Christmas market and had a lovely night wandering around the stalls and eating amazing food. I had some mini pancakes finally as I have been wanting to buy some for nearly 6 years now and this time I got some, well worth it they are incredible. I love Nutella but I don't let myself buy it as I would way toooo much of it. 

I love Christmas and everything about it. Days like this are the best where you relax and wrap up in the cold. I am loving my Becksondergaard scarf so much, I literally have been wearing it everywhere. I was so grateful for it as it was super cold that night. 

What I love about all the stalls is that there are bits and bobs of everything and that's what I love. I love to just wander round for hours and spend time with Rob.

we went round all the food stalls and it took us ages to decide on what to eat, I got garlic potatoes which were yum and rob had a beef sandwich with stuffing which looks good too. I put my Christmas jumper on under my jacket and felt very festive for the night, I love wearing fluffy jumpers this year.

Have you been to any Christmas markets?


December 22, 2013

Decoration Shopping - Turbary House!

Last week Friday Rob and I went to Turbary House near where I live and it was magical with all the Christmas decorations. So many fairy lights, it was just beautiful. I found so many decorations I would have wanted for my own tree but that will have to wait till we get our own home next year! I loved the little ginger bread decorations and the owls, I took my university owl images at this little place so I adore visiting. We stopped off in the little cafe to have a yummy hot chocolate as it was raining and cold outside. I adore Christamas and everything about it, this was a perfect little day out with Rob. I am so excited to decorate our own home next year with so many different decorations. I would love to stick to the theme of gold, silver and red as I found so many I adored and of course loads of fairy lights!

I am so excited for Christmas only few more days to go and we can eat yummy turkey and open presents as a family. I am so exited to give Rob his presents but I am still on the hunt for some more! This Sunday I will be wrapping all my gifts in cute wrapping paper, best time of the year!



December 21, 2013

My Beauty Compare!

 MyBeautycompare beauty is a personalized platform that was founded by Nidhima Kohli to enable women to find the best make up and skin care products to suit their skin type through recommendations. The website allows you to discover and compare beauty product prices for over 200,000 popular brands from skin care to make up. It enables you to find the perfect products for you.

  If you find yourself feeling frustrated with not finding the right products for you it might be an idea to take the quiz to find what would suit you. I think its a great idea as sometimes I buy products and feel really disappointed by them as they don't match my skin tone or they don't match to what I was looking for. It could be a fun way of finding new products to try out and to fit your routine perfectly. 

What is great about this website is that once you find all the personalized products to fit you, you can then go and purchase them on the site. This would save a lot of time time and money by not purchasing products that might not work for you. I'm going to take the quiz to see what comes up for me as I think it would be interesting to see what would be recommended and its free!
Find them on Twitter!

What do you think of this website?
Have you used this before?

Whatch the YouTube video to get you started!

December 20, 2013

Mac Lipstick - Ruby Woo

This is my most treasured lipstick, I tend to wear it when there is a special occasion such as birthdays and I will be wearing this on Christmas day for sure. I love the texture of this lipstick at first I thought it goes on really odd but then after a couple uses it is perfect. I love matte lipsticks as for me they suit my skin tone and they stay on longer and feel great. I do love the Rimmel 107 lipstick as a red that I could use most days but this one I love to use when there is a occasion or dressing up as it stands out perfectly and goes well with my make up. 

Loulabeth got me this lipstick on her way to Turkey earlier in the year as shocker I have never purchased a Mac product as of yet. I really want to have a full make up kit of just Mac but that will have to wait for now. booo!

I love to take make up inspiration from Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift and many more with the classic red lip. Wearing red lipstick is my favorite look and this product is amazing, the quality and feel of it is great. I would recommend anyone to this lipstick if they want a beautiful red lip for this Christmas.

I absolutely adore this product and it makes me want to have a big spend on the Mac website!
This is a more recent post of my hair, I recently had it highlighted as it was very dark before. I do miss my dark hair but this colour brings out my skin tone and eyes better. Plus is is easier to manage as I don't have to dye it as much. 

What do you think of this product?


December 19, 2013

Blogosphere Magazine - Issue 2

 My 2014 blog goal in issue 2! 

A few months ago I found this magazine on Twitter and instantly purchased issue one as EssieButton was on the cover and thought that it was a brilliant idea to showcase as many blogs as possible in a magazine as the blogging world for me I think blogs can be lost between so many. It is great to find some little gems in this magazine. 

This magazine is full of great inspiration and you find some amazing blogs on the way. I love the diversity of blogs and chapters in this magazine, it varies from Food blogs to beauty blogs which is great as it shows off so many talents. I have personally started to read many new blogs due to reading this magazine. I find that the paper and the magazine itself is such great quality and you can now get a subscription to it which I personally am getting in the New Year!! 

Talking about the New Year I have been featured in this issue on the new years resolutions page which is great. I was so grateful to even have been asked to contribute. My goal of 2014 for my blog is to expand into YouTube which will be fun and exciting to push my creativity with my blog further. Look at the second image to see my goal in print. 

I love making a cup of tea and sitting down to relax and read through this magazine, it takes me at least an hour to go through it because there is so much to read and I love it. This would make a perfect Christmas present for all your friends that love to blog and read blogs.
Check out my review of issue one

What do you think of this magazine?
Will you be subscribing in the new year?


December 14, 2013

Becksondergaard Scarf - The Dressing Room

I was asked by the lovely Dressing Room to style this scarf as a challenge. I thought I would do a part one version of a post to show you the beautiful scarf and part 2 will be up with a video on what I wore with it soon. 

I absolutely love the quality of this scarf it looks and feels incredible. It is one of the best scarves I have had in a very long time. I love the stars, I love to buy so much when it has a star detail on it. The gold studded detail is amazing it just brings out the scarf. I love the beautiful design on it which looks like a cheetahs face. The colour of it makes it easy to wear with so many of my outfits. Every time I wear it people comment on how nice it is. If I could have a all of the scarves from this collection I would, the quality and detail are brilliant. This would make a perfect Christmas present for  your girlfriend or your mom, The Dressing Room are too kind to send me this as I just adore it. I am going to have so much fun filming a mini look book featuring this scarf. I have this scarf stored away safe in my wardrobe and wear it proudly, I love the quality so much. Its honestly the best scarf I have owned in a very long time because usually I go to Primark to get my scarf fix. Owning this scarf has made me think that I was to spend a little more I would have a beauty like this. Don't get me wrong I love a good Primark bargain but I wear this scarf knowing it looks amazing no matter what. I wore this to work on Sunday and so many customers commented on how nice it was. Its lovely to have a piece in your wardrobe that you adore and when you wear it you feel great .

What do you think of this scarf?
Keep an eye out for part 2 on how I style this scarf coming soon!


December 13, 2013

My Week On Instagram!

Quote from me in the Blogosphere magazine, review up soon! / Bella in her birthday present / Thank you MrNutCase for my phone case / I miss my Denver / hot chocolate with Rob / Cute bears / Becks scarf <3 Review and video up soon / Glamour and Elle / My new baby Digby / Manchester Christmas Markets / My fave Instagramer / Rob and Me / Markets / Christmas Santa choc / Me and Bellas sister Nevada <3

The past two weeks have flown by, I have done so much recently. I adore Christmas it is the best time of year, I love going Christmas shopping and the lead up is amazing. I went shopping with Rob to look at some Christmas decorations and we stopped off for some hot chocolates. I found an amazing Bear whilst shopping and I adore it. 

Last Tuesday we went to the Manchester Christmas Market and the atmosphere is incredible. I try to go every year and each time it is wonderful. I love looking round all the stalls and it feels very festive which is great. We had some great food and had a wander round, I adore days like that!

I have a little feature in the Blogosphere magazine which is great, I will do a blog post on the new magazine which is issue 2. I adore it and you can find some amazing blogs through it. I am also filming a look book featuring my becks scarf which will be up very soon!

Instagram: abikempen


December 12, 2013

Secret Santa - Lush

Secret santa £5.75

recently I went to Lush to treat myself to some goodies. I absolutely love Lush and they are the only bath bombs I buy at the moment. I love this one as it makes your bath go bright orange, I mean bright too! It fizzes like crazy and when its all gone leaves you with a smell of the lush shop. Its just ineradicable, It also has a mini red Santa in the middle which is so cute.

You are left with a rich smell of essential oils and your skin feels amazing and soft after. I love how orange the water went, makes bath time more fun. I tend to shop at Lush more in the winter and Christmas as having a bath is just the best after a day out in the cold. I love the beautiful smells that they create and they leave you feeling great!

Which products do you recommend from Lush?


December 11, 2013

Sleek - Oh So Special palette!

For starters how pretty is the Sleek packaging, I just love the simplicity and slick feel to it. I adore eye shadow palettes and having some that look incredible are a must. I never used to be fussed about doing my eye shadow perfect but all has changed since watching You tube. I am obsessed with buying new eye shadows but I am so pleased I have this one. The quality is amazing and the colours work well together. You can go from day to night with this palette and create many combinations. The quality and the packaging are very good and I just love to play around with the different colours. I love the shades The mail and Glitz, Glitz is great to add for a night event and The mail is great for subtle make up days!

These eye shadow palettes are  not to badly priced either, I got mine from Super Drug, They come in at £7.99 which is not bad considering the quality and how you can use them for different looks. 

I love that each one has a name of its own, it creates something special to each one. I adore this product and have been using it for nearly 3 months now which is great. I would defiantly repurchase this. I would like to try more products by Sleek as I am really impressed by this eye shadow palette. 

The final image I am wearing the eye shadow in my everyday look just before heading off Christmas decoration shopping in my becks scarf. I am filming a mini look book with this scarf in it, I am hoping to have the images and video up by next Monday ! 

What do you think of Sleek?


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