January 31, 2013

3 Perfect Valentines Day dresses!

One / Two / Three  Missguided 

These dresses would be perfect for Valentines day from going for a meal in the second and third dress to going to the cinema in the first dress. The colour would make you stand out and is the colour or love so go for it and dress up to keep you in their minds.
Each dress has something unique about them from the skater dress to the peplum. The peplum is perfect to give your body good outline around the waist and the skater dress I adore as it compliments  around the legs. Each one is from Missguided which I buy a lot of my clothes from each time I am very happy with the order. I have recently placed an order with them and cannot wait for my stuff to arrive.  If I was to choose one of these dresses it would be the first one as I adore wearing skater dresses at the moment. They are comfy and can pair them with converse or heels.

Which one would you wear this Valentines Day?




January 30, 2013

25 Random Facts About Me

1) I cannot leave the house without some make up on.

2) I lived in South Africa for 15 years

3) I try hard with everything I do

4) I am a dog person and always will be even though I adore all kinds of animals.  I love border collies & have my own called Isabella

5) In South Africa always owned a Rottweiler. Adore them so much.

6) Trained my first dog at the age of 10 and would love to work in a Zoo.

7) I am a really fussy eater and wish I wasn't!

8) I haven't eaten butter on my sandwiches etc  since I was about 6.

9) I cannot stand to put food in lunch boxes and leave it there all day ewwwwwwwww

10) I love horror films, action films, romantic films just love going to  the cinema.

11) I study Photography at university and adore going places to take photographs.

12) I understand Afrikaans and went to an Afrikaans high school in South Africa.

13) I am learning to speak German.

14) I love wearing flicked black eyeliner, its a must.

15) I panic way tooo much about things.

16) I was painfully shy when I was younger

17) I cannot say world, twirl, girl,squirrel  etc without having my accent come out!

18) Katy Perry is my fave famous person :) & seeing her live was the best!

19) Terrified of spiders!!!! No idea how I survived living in South Africa as they are huge there!

20) I have too much cheese knowledge as I worked on the cheese counter at Booths for 4 years.

21) I want to swim with dolphins one day

22) really want to visit Disney land!

23) I love watching Documentaries

24) I need to visit America and Australia one day, mainly to cuddle a Koala <3

25) I love the colour Lilac

I've seen this tag popping up on YouTube & then saw  Becky  & Loulabeths post and thought might as well :) Link me to your posts or videos if you've done one! 




January 20, 2013

Topshop Wish list

I love doing these posts as I love to create outfits and play around with the look before I am naughty and purchase something of this list or too much. I adore skater dresses at the moment and even though I am more of a dog person I love this dress it is super cute and the design stands out. I love the fact it is a simple colour which makes it even better. I do love wearing black and having at least a couple black bags so that they go with so many outfits. This little head band would make this look so cute and finished off with an initial ring which I adore as I do love cute things with my initial on it. I have been looking for some boots to keep my feet warm at university and I want these so bad. 

Do you like anything of this list?
What would you buy?




January 18, 2013

My week through Instagram

Milky way bunny/ Robs cake / Fave products ever / My Alfie bear / Fave chocolates / Company magazine / Technique brushes / Fave bubble bar ever / Hot chocolate with Rob at Costa / Katy Perry film / Bath products / My Bella / New dress I bought.

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought I would sum up my week off and few photographs from Christmas time. This post consists of many of my favorite things in the world from my animals to the best smell ever from the Lush snow fairy bubble bar. I adore that smell and never want this bubble bar to finish but sadly it is running out! I love the Katy Perry film and had a chilled night watching it eating chocolate oops! Company magazine I LOVEEEE as it is my favorite one by far, always buy it every time. I also love it when Aussie is 3 for £10 as it is the best shampoo etc ever, my hair has been feeling super shiny and happy thanks to this wonderful product! I adore Bella so she has plenty of photographs taken of her as she is such a cutie! My boyfriend is a chef as well as studying at university so he makes the best food and deserts ever so there is one of the things he made for me this week. I did take step by step photographs but not too sure if to upload it. I finally got round to getting some new make up brushes, Rob bought them for me when I was really upset last week and surprised me with them in the post. Honestly love them and want some more brushes please! My foundation looks super smooth and honestly if you haven't got them please invest in some.

Add me on Instagram :)


January 17, 2013

January Wish List

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

I am obsessed with wearing skater dresses at the moment and love the style of them as you can dress them up or down for many occasions. This one is such a lovely speckle red colour and I would buy this dress in all the colours if I could. This would be lovely to wear on Valentines day out for a meal or day out with Rob.

The Lush Bubblegum lip scrub I have wanted to purchase for so long as I have heard so many good things about it. It would help keep my lips from chapping over the Winter. Smells amazing as well which is super!

The bowler hat from Topshop is adorable and goes with so many outfits as it sparks the outfit up a little. £25 but money well spent for a statement piece.

I have wanted these shoes for so long might splurge a little to get some to keep my feet warm over the next few months as I always seem to have dolly shoes on when its cold. silly me!

I adore jewrly like this as it is such a cute, girly colour and has a little sparkle. I am drawn to sparkly pieces so much like a magpie! It would look cute with this outfit for a date or even to the zoo in the Summer. 

I love wearing red lipsticks as I am obsessed with the Kate Moss 107 at the moment, I have done a review which I will link below. I want to try this matte crayon so much. 

What do you think of this outfit?
Do you own any pieces?




January 15, 2013

Our Snowy Adventure!

 Me :)
 Look at that face!
 Rob & Bella
 We walked through some woods

This photograph I want to frame nicely and keep on my bedside table just adore my dog so much, she really enjoyed today and is fast asleep next to me while I blog. We love to go on walks all three of us together and have promised that we will go to this place 20 minutes down road more often as it was incredible. Being from  South Africa I have always not enjoyed the snow since I moved her six years ago but today was so much fun relaxing and having a good time getting some fresh air. We got all wrapped up and had a brilliant time, specially Bella as she was incredibly muddy which was cute until she got in my freshly cleaned car ooops! :)
This walk is defiantly going to happen more often and I am so grateful for the wellies which I reviewed below. Hope you enjoyed this little lifestyle post which I do like to do now and then to talk about my favorite little girly ever Bella :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Feel free to comment below love to hear from you!




Barratts Wellingtons

These wellies came in handy today as I decided wanted to go for a long walk and just photograph what I see to get my imagination flowing for my upcoming university projects so me, Rob and our pup Bella went to Rivington near my boyfriends house and it was so nice to get some fresh air and just have some time together. Our pup Bella has so much fun and was full of mud and snow which made me happy that she enjoyed her walk, she even made my clean car full of mud but I don't mind love taking her out on days out.

These wellies really impressed me as they are really good quality and very comfortable walking for hours as I did today. I thought this is going to be a bad idea wearing new wellies on a long walk up hills but safe to say I am so glad I wore them. I even brought spare shoes in case they decided to rub but didn't need them which impressed me as it would have been a nightmare cleaning my Vans. They have decent grip which was awesome for today as it was very icy in parts and they kept my feet dry which is always good as wet socks are terrible. I love the cute design and colour of these and they have adjustable straps on the side, these are very good quality and will last me on many more walks with Bella and Rob as we are planning to go for this same walk on Friday. The price of these you cannot go wrong as they are cheap but the quality, designs and comfort is worth it for sure.

Do you own any wellies from Barratts?
What do you think of them?




January 14, 2013

The Body Shop- All in one blusher

This product I bought from The body shop when I had £3 discount to spend over Christmas and New Year and thought as I needed new make up I would buy something that I really needed at the time as I can buy so many body creams and shower gels from there and have draws full. This blusher costs £8 and contains vitamin E and marula oil, it’s make-up and cares for your skin at the same time which is great. This product is worth the money as it has a lasting stay and one of the best ones I have tried so far as some I tend to buy fade to quickly and I start to  look pale or not wearing enough to stand out like I'm actually wearing any so thought I would try something different. I got told that even though it is a small pot it lasts a decent amount of time and what I love more about this it has a lovely smooth matte finish and blends easily. Overall very impressed by this and would defiantly purchase again. If you wanted to purchase one there is so many different shades to pick which is perfect mine is called Flushed. 

Do you buy make up from The Body Shop? Any recommendations?

Do you use this blusher?





January 13, 2013

Angelica Nail Colour Review.

Hello Sweeties, These are my two favorite colours to wear at the moment as I adore lilac it is my favorite colour to wear on my nails and this one has a cute name as the sweets Palma violets I adore too. The Be Mine turquoise colour is amazing too both glide on smoothly and leave a lovely finish to my nails.  Both colours are perfect to wear at the moment even for me in the winter months it brightens up the day. These you can pick up from Primark and are £2.50 each which is awesome as they are good quality and have plenty colours to choose from. If you fancy winning some click this LINK as I am holding a giveaway with two Angelica nail polishes. I am really impressed by these nail polishes and are going to be my favorite throughout this year as I adore Primark and make regular trips oops!

Have you tried these nail polishes before?
Will you be trying these out soon?




January 12, 2013

Katy Perry - Purr

Hello sweeties, thought I would share the perfume I am loving so much at the moment, I don't want to use too much so that I can keep it forever even though it is a product I would defiantly buy again. I received this as a Christmas from my boyfriend's sister as most people know I am a huge Katy Perry fan, I  love her music and style so much even her concert was amazing in 2011. 
The smell is strong but its not overpowering as it has the slight sweet sent to it, it has a unique smell to it and even the packaging is incredible. This product is perfect and represents Katy Perry very well.
 The scent is not too fruity or sweet it is very well balanced and I do love that Katy Perry wears this herself which is a good point with a product that an artist makes is that they love the product too. 
The scent includes fresh citrus accord with peach nectar and forbidden apple with green bamboo, it leaves you smelling perfect and it is a very sophisticated perfume as I was expecting a candy smell. I adore this product and defiantly will be a perfume I will repurchase when it runs out as I adore the cute design and the fragrance oh and I am a huge fan of Katy Perry :)

"I'm absolutely thrilled to finally introduce me in a bottle. There is a wonderful world of fragrances out there, but like with my music, I believe there is room for me and my own unique twist on it. Purr is a natural extension of who I am as a woman - it's a gorgeous blend of all my favorite scents that embodies my style, my tastes and my love for all things incredibly cute. It is an absolutely purrfect perfume that I hope leaves you meowing with delight!" LINK

Katy Perry Purr- £29.99 
Katy Perry Meow- £29.99

What do you think of this perfume?
Do you own any by Katy Perry?




January 03, 2013

nail Polish Giveaway - kemples

Hello sweeties, Thought i would do a little giveaway as haven't done one in ages as I do enjoy treating my readers. My blog means a lot to me and I do enjoy blogging, I do it because I love to be creative and have a little space I can share my favorite beauty buys or photographs of my animals. This giveaway is to say thank you for all the support over the last 6 months and helping me to carry on blogging. Hope to blog a lot more this year and to have plenty more giveaways for you guys.

In this giveaway I have two of my favorite nail polishes that i wanted to share with one of you guys.
the metalic green one is called ocean and the pink glitter is called Love you which is cute.

please tweet this and share it with your friends :)

Go on what waiting for go for it :D good luck guys!
A BIG thank you for all the support over the last 6 months , love you all <3 Big giveaway when I reach my next goal <3 400 

xoxo a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 02, 2013

Lush- Melting Snowman

Melting snow man- Lush

This little guy was from Loulabeth in a Christmas tin she bought me with loads little bits in, loved my Christmas present thank you Laura. I must admit this product from Lush is perfection as per with products I get from Lush. I could not wait to use it from the moment I opened my presents and I am so impressed by it, as when I put this cute melting snowman into the bath the water started to go a milky colour and slowly fizz away this cute snow man, the scent stayed in the water until I got out. I was even more impressed at how soft my skin was after having a 20 minute bath, it was incredible feeling and made my skin smell amazing too. As it fizzed the smell in the bathroom was lovely, such a coco powder and almonds.  My skin felt moisturized with no need to moisturize after and the only bad thing about it I was sad this little guy had melted even more. Defiantly will be buying this when I see it again it is defiantly on top of one my favorite products by Lush.




January 01, 2013

Natural Collection- Body creams and shower gels Boots

Hello sweeties thought I would review another product I received for Christmas and as i got plenty of Lush stuff too. This product is super cute with six products which each body shower comes with its matching body lotion. I must admit that I love the strawberry one the most as anything strawberry flavored will automatically be my favorite but each one I smelt and thought oh this ones amazing too. I love the fact you can use the shower gel and smell amazing but then to top it off you can use the body lotion to feel super soft and smell extra awesome. Each one has such an amazing smell to it and make you feel amazing each time you use it. The flavors you get in this are strawberry, vanilla and then you get  mango & papaya too. Each one is unique with the scent and you never get bored of each shower gel or cream because each time you can change which one you fancy using.  As this was a present I couldn't find it on Boots but I am sure they have plenty of similar products about which smell equally good, I do find that Boots own products work very well and smell amazing. If this comes out again this Christmas I defiantly recommend it as a present as it is unique and smells which are lovely cocktail, fruity, fresh smells. perfect for a quick pamper session before university or a long day at work.

Did you receive this as a gift?
Have you tried this product?



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