January 30, 2013

25 Random Facts About Me

1) I cannot leave the house without some make up on.

2) I lived in South Africa for 15 years

3) I try hard with everything I do

4) I am a dog person and always will be even though I adore all kinds of animals.  I love border collies & have my own called Isabella

5) In South Africa always owned a Rottweiler. Adore them so much.

6) Trained my first dog at the age of 10 and would love to work in a Zoo.

7) I am a really fussy eater and wish I wasn't!

8) I haven't eaten butter on my sandwiches etc  since I was about 6.

9) I cannot stand to put food in lunch boxes and leave it there all day ewwwwwwwww

10) I love horror films, action films, romantic films just love going to  the cinema.

11) I study Photography at university and adore going places to take photographs.

12) I understand Afrikaans and went to an Afrikaans high school in South Africa.

13) I am learning to speak German.

14) I love wearing flicked black eyeliner, its a must.

15) I panic way tooo much about things.

16) I was painfully shy when I was younger

17) I cannot say world, twirl, girl,squirrel  etc without having my accent come out!

18) Katy Perry is my fave famous person :) & seeing her live was the best!

19) Terrified of spiders!!!! No idea how I survived living in South Africa as they are huge there!

20) I have too much cheese knowledge as I worked on the cheese counter at Booths for 4 years.

21) I want to swim with dolphins one day

22) really want to visit Disney land!

23) I love watching Documentaries

24) I need to visit America and Australia one day, mainly to cuddle a Koala <3

25) I love the colour Lilac

I've seen this tag popping up on YouTube & then saw  Becky  & Loulabeths post and thought might as well :) Link me to your posts or videos if you've done one! 





  1. We have a few things in common :) Im fussy & hate butter too! And Im a dog person <3 xox

    1. Glad to hear that as most people think im weird not eating butter aahah <3 :) xxxx

  2. I done German in school and I really liked it, I think it's a really nice language but no one seemed to agree with me x

  3. I took German in high school for 3 years. Definitely helps in understanding some other languages better. I love it too. :)

  4. Nice post, I love dogs too!

    Kimberley x



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