January 15, 2013

Barratts Wellingtons

These wellies came in handy today as I decided wanted to go for a long walk and just photograph what I see to get my imagination flowing for my upcoming university projects so me, Rob and our pup Bella went to Rivington near my boyfriends house and it was so nice to get some fresh air and just have some time together. Our pup Bella has so much fun and was full of mud and snow which made me happy that she enjoyed her walk, she even made my clean car full of mud but I don't mind love taking her out on days out.

These wellies really impressed me as they are really good quality and very comfortable walking for hours as I did today. I thought this is going to be a bad idea wearing new wellies on a long walk up hills but safe to say I am so glad I wore them. I even brought spare shoes in case they decided to rub but didn't need them which impressed me as it would have been a nightmare cleaning my Vans. They have decent grip which was awesome for today as it was very icy in parts and they kept my feet dry which is always good as wet socks are terrible. I love the cute design and colour of these and they have adjustable straps on the side, these are very good quality and will last me on many more walks with Bella and Rob as we are planning to go for this same walk on Friday. The price of these you cannot go wrong as they are cheap but the quality, designs and comfort is worth it for sure.

Do you own any wellies from Barratts?
What do you think of them?





  1. I love the pattern, very cute x

  2. I so want a pair of wellies!! Don't own a pair... and I live in the country! lol

    I like them! Very cute :)

    Naomi xxx


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