January 12, 2013

Katy Perry - Purr

Hello sweeties, thought I would share the perfume I am loving so much at the moment, I don't want to use too much so that I can keep it forever even though it is a product I would defiantly buy again. I received this as a Christmas from my boyfriend's sister as most people know I am a huge Katy Perry fan, I  love her music and style so much even her concert was amazing in 2011. 
The smell is strong but its not overpowering as it has the slight sweet sent to it, it has a unique smell to it and even the packaging is incredible. This product is perfect and represents Katy Perry very well.
 The scent is not too fruity or sweet it is very well balanced and I do love that Katy Perry wears this herself which is a good point with a product that an artist makes is that they love the product too. 
The scent includes fresh citrus accord with peach nectar and forbidden apple with green bamboo, it leaves you smelling perfect and it is a very sophisticated perfume as I was expecting a candy smell. I adore this product and defiantly will be a perfume I will repurchase when it runs out as I adore the cute design and the fragrance oh and I am a huge fan of Katy Perry :)

"I'm absolutely thrilled to finally introduce me in a bottle. There is a wonderful world of fragrances out there, but like with my music, I believe there is room for me and my own unique twist on it. Purr is a natural extension of who I am as a woman - it's a gorgeous blend of all my favorite scents that embodies my style, my tastes and my love for all things incredibly cute. It is an absolutely purrfect perfume that I hope leaves you meowing with delight!" LINK

Katy Perry Purr- £29.99 
Katy Perry Meow- £29.99

What do you think of this perfume?
Do you own any by Katy Perry?





  1. The bottle is soo cute! I discovered you via #bbloggers :)

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Joyce xxx
    Come and visit my blog :) New blog post! – Vogue Trends S/S 13
    Sunshine & Rain

    1. Hiya huni followed your blog love those posts :)
      Thank you :)


  2. Sounds so lovely, the packaging is super cute x

  3. Perfect purrfume....(see what I did there :P) I have them both and they smell devine! I love meow much more but they both smell great! They're so cheap from cheapsmells.com too :D.

    Alex xox

  4. That perfume bottle is amazing!


    I currently have an International lipstick giveaway running including MAC


    1. feel free to enter my comp, I entered yours thank you :)

  5. I really really want this, I put it in my Christmas wish list post but didn't get it. I also saw Katy in 2011. Please have a look at my blog :)


    1. it was an amazing show wasnt it :) will do xx

  6. I received this as a birthday present and I agree with you, the scent is original and a perfect mix of sweet and fruity, but I hate how it is ot strong enough ):

  7. Little things like this could almost make me wish I wasn't travelling and had money!


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