January 18, 2013

My week through Instagram

Milky way bunny/ Robs cake / Fave products ever / My Alfie bear / Fave chocolates / Company magazine / Technique brushes / Fave bubble bar ever / Hot chocolate with Rob at Costa / Katy Perry film / Bath products / My Bella / New dress I bought.

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought I would sum up my week off and few photographs from Christmas time. This post consists of many of my favorite things in the world from my animals to the best smell ever from the Lush snow fairy bubble bar. I adore that smell and never want this bubble bar to finish but sadly it is running out! I love the Katy Perry film and had a chilled night watching it eating chocolate oops! Company magazine I LOVEEEE as it is my favorite one by far, always buy it every time. I also love it when Aussie is 3 for £10 as it is the best shampoo etc ever, my hair has been feeling super shiny and happy thanks to this wonderful product! I adore Bella so she has plenty of photographs taken of her as she is such a cutie! My boyfriend is a chef as well as studying at university so he makes the best food and deserts ever so there is one of the things he made for me this week. I did take step by step photographs but not too sure if to upload it. I finally got round to getting some new make up brushes, Rob bought them for me when I was really upset last week and surprised me with them in the post. Honestly love them and want some more brushes please! My foundation looks super smooth and honestly if you haven't got them please invest in some.

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  1. Umm dairy milk biscuits? More chocolate than biscuit? Yes please!
    Great post.

  2. Love the look of that dress! And how cute that Rob brought you new brushes, so sweet x

  3. I had one of those milkybar bunnies today - I loved him!! I need to use my pink star from Lush! :)
    LaceyLoves x


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