January 15, 2013

Our Snowy Adventure!

 Me :)
 Look at that face!
 Rob & Bella
 We walked through some woods

This photograph I want to frame nicely and keep on my bedside table just adore my dog so much, she really enjoyed today and is fast asleep next to me while I blog. We love to go on walks all three of us together and have promised that we will go to this place 20 minutes down road more often as it was incredible. Being from  South Africa I have always not enjoyed the snow since I moved her six years ago but today was so much fun relaxing and having a good time getting some fresh air. We got all wrapped up and had a brilliant time, specially Bella as she was incredibly muddy which was cute until she got in my freshly cleaned car ooops! :)
This walk is defiantly going to happen more often and I am so grateful for the wellies which I reviewed below. Hope you enjoyed this little lifestyle post which I do like to do now and then to talk about my favorite little girly ever Bella :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Feel free to comment below love to hear from you!





  1. i'm going to steal bella one day she is ridiculously cute! where is this by the way? looks beautiful. and you got snow, i didn't see a drop of snow today :(

    1. its rivington :) awwww she is such cutie :) xxxx

  2. so jealous, we haven't had anything more than sleet really so far, but apparently on friday we will be getting lots of lovely snow lol wish i had been your 300th follower, but only one to go after me, woudl appreciate a follow back please xx


    1. We are getting some more this weekend eeek going to get so much colder! thank you so much means a lot course i will follow back <3


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