January 14, 2013

The Body Shop- All in one blusher

This product I bought from The body shop when I had £3 discount to spend over Christmas and New Year and thought as I needed new make up I would buy something that I really needed at the time as I can buy so many body creams and shower gels from there and have draws full. This blusher costs £8 and contains vitamin E and marula oil, it’s make-up and cares for your skin at the same time which is great. This product is worth the money as it has a lasting stay and one of the best ones I have tried so far as some I tend to buy fade to quickly and I start to  look pale or not wearing enough to stand out like I'm actually wearing any so thought I would try something different. I got told that even though it is a small pot it lasts a decent amount of time and what I love more about this it has a lovely smooth matte finish and blends easily. Overall very impressed by this and would defiantly purchase again. If you wanted to purchase one there is so many different shades to pick which is perfect mine is called Flushed. 

Do you buy make up from The Body Shop? Any recommendations?

Do you use this blusher?






  1. Been looking for a new blusher but haven't seen any nice blushers with a matte finish, is this one matte or shiny? :) x

    1. this blusher is matte :) its lovely :) xx

  2. I had one of those £3 joy cards also! I ended up getting two travel sized Pink Grapefruit shower gels as I'm off to Dublin this week and Venice next!

    This is a really nice colour and I'm always on the look out for products which actually stay on rather than slide off by midday or fade away, so thanks for posting!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

    1. sounds like fun huni enjoy! :D lucky :) no problem thank you :)) xxx


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