February 09, 2013

Rimmel- 320 Funtime Fuchsia

Rimmel- 320 Funtime Fuchsia

This lipstick by Rimmel is super, honestly do love it as it leaves lips looking great while wearing this beautiful colour and after as it moisturizes at the same time which is a bonus. The colour is not as red as my Rimmel 107 which you need to buy that too by the way! but it is a little softer and shiny as the 107 is matte. This lipstick has such a lovely smell to it too, sounds odd but it smells like a lovely rose smell which is cute as I do love lipsticks so much and this one is on my favorite list this year.
It has a lasting wear to it which I would say you need to top up every three hours which is great compared to my other favorite which are the  matte ones by Kate moss. The quality and how it feels when wearing  leaves lips feeling great and creates the perfect look for a day out or maybe this Valentines day dates?

when applied it seems very 'wet' but when it dries which is fast it leaves a smooth and moisturized look to it.
When it does start to fade it leaves a pink tonne on the lips which is great as you still have a cute look to your make up as it fades and leaves the lips  looking healthy which is what it is best at.
i love the packaging as it matches the shine of the lipstick and is well compact to keep safe and in your handbags on nights/ days out and the purple is perfect.

What do you think of this product?
Have you tried this lipstick?





  1. I love Rimmel lipsticks, I think that they're great quality for the price. THis looks like such a nice colour :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  2. Such a pretty colour! I don't usually wear such daring colours but this is beautiful! xx

  3. Lovely colour xx


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  5. Great color! It also sounds like a good product.


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