February 08, 2013

Sanctuary- Shower Cream Review

Sanctuary- 24 Hour Moisturising Shower Cream 

I am a huge fan of the Sanctuary products and always will be, I am never disappointed by a product and always left feeling amazing after using them. Each product has that great quality to it and feels special and unique. 
This product I got over Christmas and have just got round to trying it out but saying this I didn't wan't to use it till last as I knew it would be my favorite and as it is one of my favorites I like to save it and not use it everyday. This makes it feel more special when i use it and the smell never gets old. The smell is incredible so creamy and leaves the skin super soft, leaving skin smelling amazing for hours after. 
The quality of this product is amazing and it creates that spa feeling at home every time, this product is much needed on those pamper days when you feel tired or had a long week. 
This product lathers up amazingly well and leaves skin smelling incredible with every use.
I adore this product and would defiantly go and purchase this for myself once it is finished.

Have you tried this product?
What do you think of Sanctuary?





  1. I haven't tried many Sanctuary products - I mean, if I have I can't even name them!
    This looks really good though. I may invest in it so that I can give the brand a proper try :)


    1. really should try it out let me know if you do :)


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