February 05, 2013

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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This Valentines Day to make it special I thought I would do a little list of things that would be a cute addition to spending the day with your loved one. I have added few bits of everything from Boofle to baking cakes. To start of with everyone loves getting something super cute on this special day and what could not be more cute are the Boofle teddies, I adore Boofle and have a few of them myself from Rob. A few more of the other presents are from Paperchase which I adore, I love browsing in the shop to find cute wrapping paper and note pads. This snow globe is simple but I think they are so lovely and look lovely next to your bed or on a dressing table. It is a reminder of something special in your life. The cute heart paper bags are also from Paperchase and you could add little presents into these like their favorite sweets or jewelry. 
I adore baking and would love to make Rob some heart shaped cupcakes as a little surprise. I think making something yourself is cute as you put the effort in and its something from you being creative and cute. The love heart confetti is cute as you can sprinkle this on a dinner table as a finishing touch to cooking a favorite meal for someone special, it creates the theme of the day with a slight touch of cheese. :)

Few more things that you can do to create something special that means more to you is to create something using photographs. I use Instagram nearly every 2 days and bit addicted to the app oops but I take special photographs that mean a lot to me on my phone and why waste them print them out! I am going to be using this website called Printstagram to get mine printed. Zoe has done a cute post on this and you can see the results from it on this post! perfect present! LINK
Go ahead and print the memories!

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Another great way of doing this is as a book, I have used the website Blurb many times for my projects at university and each time have loved the results of the printing. It is simple to use and fun and is something special to remember all the memories!

What are you plans for Valentines?
What gifts are you buying?





  1. Great picks, I'd love that Topshop crayon :) x

  2. Awww snow globe! I'll hopefully be floating over the UK in a hot air balloon!
    Erica xo


  3. Fantastic choices have to say I do have a soft spot for Boofle though ;)

    Life in a Break Down


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