March 24, 2013

Instagram Diary #1

Quote/ Dissertation finished  Bella/ me/ prints/ editing/ Liz & me/ owl project/ drinks/ Tate Glam/ Tea/ Me & willow.

I haven't posted on here for quite a while and thought a 'what have I been up to post?' would be great way to start again. As I am a huge Instagram fan I took plenty photographs these past few weeks, due to having my dissertation deadline and working on it for months I haven't had much time for anything else bar university which is great as I got my dissertation handed in and tried my best with it. 

My university project documenting Turbery Owl and bird of prey sanctuary has become something I fully enjoy photographing and want this project to come together well at the end and to be proud of when hung up at my degree show in May. The shoots are going well and I have a few more planned this Easter in which I hope it will bring it all together nicely. Test prints next as I want to see how they look on different scales. Wish me luck!
I am a huge owl fan as well in which helps me develop this project further, as you can see me with Willow fully in my element! 

The Tate Glam! exhibition was great went there a few weeks back with Liz and loved it, we spent 4 hours walking round and then went to a Chinese buffet. Need more days like that visiting Exhibitions and cities please! I love it.

Hope to blog more soon <3

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  1. Well done on completing your dissertation x

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  3. looks like you've had an interesting weeK!


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