April 14, 2013

Purity gel face wash

This product is amazing, I am so happy I got the chance to try it out as I love to try out new products for skin care. It takes a lot of testing products for me to find one that really suits my skin and is effective. This 3 in 1 face cleansing gel wash I instantly fell in love with due to how easy it is to use to remove make up and leave the skin feeling refreshed and soft. It doesn't really have a distinctive smell to it but I love that as it is pure and soft on the skin. Defiantly does what it is intended too and well, the gel gently foams as  you rub it into the skin and is gentle enough to use most days I would say. This product is defiantly one of my favorites and would be used most days to keep on top of removing my make up properly in which would keep my skin looking a lot more healthy and refreshed whilst gently removing dirt, oil and impurities. I do love the bottle design in which is simple but cute with lovely piece of text to go with it.

Have you tried this product?
Do you own any Purity products?




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