May 31, 2013

Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

On the 30th of May I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for my 22nd birthday celebrations, I just wanted to go out somewhere that is fun and have some fresh air! This did the trick! 
Myself and my friend Liz went on every ride and she made me go on the Pepsi max front row! I am surprised I agreed to this as usually I am petrified of heights. I loved every minute of the day and the weather wasn't that bad the sun came out a few times! 
Another ride I was petrified of was the Ice Blast but I still went on it and made the most of the £25 wrist band for the day! Valhalla was my favorite of the day even though I had to walk round soaked, we got some very odd looks as our make up was running down our face as we decided to go on the ride twice in a row but it was so much fun.
We laughed so much during this trip and had to walk home with wet clothes and get the train home with wet jeans wasn't pleasant but it was amazing.
I have had the most amazing few days for my birthday and received some amazing presents such as things owl related and my new Canon camera in which I used for this blog post! Its so much easier to have with me all the time and I love it :)



May 26, 2013

Festival Must Have Dress!


I am obsessed with wearing and buying dresses at the moment, specially with the weather starting to improve. I would have loved to go to Leeds Festival this year to watch FOB!! These dresses would be perfect for the festival season due to how light the material is and I am a sucker for stripes and anything with an animal on it. The first one I have seen in the shop and was so tempted to buy it, I love the colour orange at the moment in most stores and this is so cute with the cut out detail on the back. Any of these dresses you could throw on a leather jacket or denim jacket and it would look perfect!
I am loving the midi dress style and have been looking for one myself for when I go down to London next month, this one is cute and I love the pattern on it. As I am not quite tall midi dress style I love, defiantly works well with some cute sandals. 
How cute would the white strappy dress look with some wellies!

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May 17, 2013

Rivington - Liverpool Castle

Liverpool Castle.

I love going for days out that involve my border collie as she is my little angle. She really enjoyed herself today swimming and running around like a hyper crazy dog. She is such a water baby and was straight in the river which was so cute as she loves to swim and today was mild so she had such great time being able to swim for longer than usual. The castle is a wonderful place to walk around and to relax, I went a few months ago in the snow and it was equally lovely to walk around even when its freezing outside. This will be a place I want to go often with Bella and next time maybe take a picnic :) Ignore how I look on the last photo but I love how happy Bella looks! 
Days like these are the best, I am wanting to take more photographs and go more places this year!
On Monday I am going to the Walker Art Gallery to see Rankin's exhibition in Liverpool :)

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May 15, 2013


This week I finished hanging my final major project up for university which is exciting and also very sad as I have enjoyed uni sooooo much I really don't want it to end yet. So on Monday myself and my friend decided we needed to just hop on a train and go somewhere and take some photographs. Blackpool was the closest and most affordable at the moment as we are saving to go places over Summer such as Paris, which will be super fun. Really looking forward to that and taking photographs. I adore taking pictures and going places to just wander around and explore, this needs to happen more often over the next few years.

blackpool was very windy but I didn't mind at all, I just love being by the sea. Hopefully for my birthday on the 29th May it will be sunny and I can take my dog to the beach for the day and I just want to go Blackpool Pleasure Beach and have a fun day out, so need to get planning this to happen. I loved my 21st birthday last year so this year I am sure will be great. Time flies by too fast, cannot believe I am 22 already and just finished my last year of university. Loved it so much.



May 05, 2013

#2 Instagram update

Beautiful walk/ Bella on a walk/ me carrying frames for exhibition/ my owls/ Iphone 5/ 
my portfolio/ my lil model/ costa/ me in Leeds/ Me at Leeds hotel/ Luke Stephensons book/ my work up at Turbary/ Me & my baba.

This week in Instagram photos as may be aware I do love the Instagram app, post so much on there its unreal mostly of my dog. She is beautiful though, some of these photographs mostly from my trip to Leeds which was awesome has such great time. Went to have look at the Village bookstore and finally got hold of a copy of Luke Stephenson's book which is my project by far! love it so much and then went for a few drinks after and took some photographs of the city the next day with my mate Liz.

My final project I have spent hours editing and becoming a perfectionist with them, I honestly want them to turn out the best they can. I got my final prints on Thursday from Print space and they are such amazing quality, very pleased with them. I am excited to get them on the wall for @vantage2013 and see if I can do more work like it after university! Scary thought leaving university!!!

My week has consisted of putting together my portfolio and working but I am so pleased with my final outcome :)
I am 22 in three weeks so I need to get planning, I actually just want to go to the beach with Bella or go to Blackpool Pleasure beach!
Within the next few months I am hoping to plan a trip to Paris and many more! All I want to do this Summer is go places and photograph!!

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Soap & Glory- Sugar Crush

This product is one of my favorites as I tend to re purchase it when I run out of it, this product tends to last me a decent amount of time. I love the smell because it is such a fresh, amazing smell to wake you up in the mornings!This scrub is perfect to use before you apply fake tan as it is gentle on the skin and leaves it soft and smelling gorgeous.The texture and thickness of this product is incredible, gives a really good exfoliation and lasts you a decent amount of time for £8. Really is worth that extra bit to keep you smelling and feeling great.Once this product is finished you can add some water to the tub and still use up the last few bits, I swear by this product and it will always be one that I spoil myself with on pay days!You can use this product up to 3 times a week and every time still feel amazing and fresh, the smell stays on your skin for a couple hours. This product is defiantly one of my April favorites and will be the rest of the year!Soap & Glory never let me down with their products and I adore all of them!

What do you think of this product?


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