May 05, 2013

#2 Instagram update

Beautiful walk/ Bella on a walk/ me carrying frames for exhibition/ my owls/ Iphone 5/ 
my portfolio/ my lil model/ costa/ me in Leeds/ Me at Leeds hotel/ Luke Stephensons book/ my work up at Turbary/ Me & my baba.

This week in Instagram photos as may be aware I do love the Instagram app, post so much on there its unreal mostly of my dog. She is beautiful though, some of these photographs mostly from my trip to Leeds which was awesome has such great time. Went to have look at the Village bookstore and finally got hold of a copy of Luke Stephenson's book which is my project by far! love it so much and then went for a few drinks after and took some photographs of the city the next day with my mate Liz.

My final project I have spent hours editing and becoming a perfectionist with them, I honestly want them to turn out the best they can. I got my final prints on Thursday from Print space and they are such amazing quality, very pleased with them. I am excited to get them on the wall for @vantage2013 and see if I can do more work like it after university! Scary thought leaving university!!!

My week has consisted of putting together my portfolio and working but I am so pleased with my final outcome :)
I am 22 in three weeks so I need to get planning, I actually just want to go to the beach with Bella or go to Blackpool Pleasure beach!
Within the next few months I am hoping to plan a trip to Paris and many more! All I want to do this Summer is go places and photograph!!

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