May 31, 2013

Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

On the 30th of May I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for my 22nd birthday celebrations, I just wanted to go out somewhere that is fun and have some fresh air! This did the trick! 
Myself and my friend Liz went on every ride and she made me go on the Pepsi max front row! I am surprised I agreed to this as usually I am petrified of heights. I loved every minute of the day and the weather wasn't that bad the sun came out a few times! 
Another ride I was petrified of was the Ice Blast but I still went on it and made the most of the £25 wrist band for the day! Valhalla was my favorite of the day even though I had to walk round soaked, we got some very odd looks as our make up was running down our face as we decided to go on the ride twice in a row but it was so much fun.
We laughed so much during this trip and had to walk home with wet clothes and get the train home with wet jeans wasn't pleasant but it was amazing.
I have had the most amazing few days for my birthday and received some amazing presents such as things owl related and my new Canon camera in which I used for this blog post! Its so much easier to have with me all the time and I love it :)



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