May 17, 2013

Rivington - Liverpool Castle

Liverpool Castle.

I love going for days out that involve my border collie as she is my little angle. She really enjoyed herself today swimming and running around like a hyper crazy dog. She is such a water baby and was straight in the river which was so cute as she loves to swim and today was mild so she had such great time being able to swim for longer than usual. The castle is a wonderful place to walk around and to relax, I went a few months ago in the snow and it was equally lovely to walk around even when its freezing outside. This will be a place I want to go often with Bella and next time maybe take a picnic :) Ignore how I look on the last photo but I love how happy Bella looks! 
Days like these are the best, I am wanting to take more photographs and go more places this year!
On Monday I am going to the Walker Art Gallery to see Rankin's exhibition in Liverpool :)

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