June 11, 2013

A photo story- Little Abi

Thought I would do a little different post today on my blog, thought that I don't add enough about who runs this blog and to start it off thought that making this post would help this. I was looking through old baby photos and loved looking through all the memories and thought it would be cute to share on my blog. I adore this blog and really enjoy thinking about posts to type up and what to do next. This Summer I want to fill this blog with so many posts! :)

 Well my name is Abi kempen but I was born Abigail Tweedie, my mom got re married and as we moved to England we thought it be new start to take on my step dads surname. I was born on the 29th May in Preston but moved to South Africa a few weeks later. I lived in South Africa for 15 years before my family decided to move back to England. I loved South Africa and I love that I am from there and got the chance to grow up there. 
I was also a twin but my sister didn't survive too long after birth because I was meant to be born in July and instead was far too early and small. My mom got told that I would not survive too but I did! I do live thinking that I am lucky and that I miss my little twin sister even though never met her but I do think that I am lucky and live for her. so deeeep but it is true :)
 In this photo is my mom she is the best mother you could ask for, our family have been through a lot, you could possibly write a book about it. My dad decided to become a drunk when I was 10 and became very nasty towards my mom, they divorced and I hadn't spoken to my dad in ten years till recently he found me on Facebook and told me he is very sorry and that he has changed his life around so much. I am pleased that he has done so and that he is not still the man I knew as a baby! I now receive lovely post cards from South Africa from him and we keep in touch which is nice after so many years of bad memories from him!
I loved going to my grandma and granddads house so much when I was little, we used to play scrabble and watch cartoon network. I used to empty a full bucket of lego on to her floor every time! sorry nan! :)
 I lived on a farm when I was a baby in South Africa, Johannesburg, probably why I want to save every animal and have so many pets!  Looks like I am making the mother chicken very angry in this photo by chasing her babies! oops! I did love the weather in South Africa compered to the snow in England, I still do not like the snow! :) I moved to England in 2005 and started in year ten at school which was hard, I had come from my first year at high school in South Africa to nearly finishing high school here in England. In South Africa I learnt to understand Afrikaans fluently in 3 months to go to an Afrikaans high school in which I really enjoyed! I can speak it a little bit still and I really don't want to forget it. I am glad I still understand it though :)
 We are in Port Elizabeth in this photograph, we did go on many lovely family holidays when I was little. My moms outfit is so cute in this photo :) I would love to go back and visit one day!
 Oh how much do I look like a boy in this image, odear! 
I am naturally a blonde, I dye my hair dark now but in South Africa the sun made my hair even blonder!
This was taken in Cape Town, looks really nice!
This photograph sums up all the Safari holidays I went on with my mom, dad and brother. I have no idea if this is a real cheetah or not! I am assuming it is not?! But I love it as it reminds me of where I come from and how much of a beautiful place it is! My moms legs are so brown! Thanks to my mom I always seemed to have a silly short hair cut? :( I loved the Safari holidays and have so many funny stories about them! for example my dad nearly crashed his merc because I screamed RHINO! oops he was not happy bunny at that moment in time ahha! I love that I got the chance to live in Africa and how much I have done to make my family proud, I am proud to tell my dad after not speaking for ten years that I have a degree! :) I feel so old now after looking through all these photos! :)

Have you done a post like this?



  1. This is SUCH a good idea. I recently found some baby pictures on the computer of me so may do a post just like this!


    1. Thank you!
      Send me link when you do :)


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