June 15, 2013

Birds Of prey Project

This is what I have been up to the past 6 months at University, I adore this project and worked really hard to achieve the best results possible for my degree show. Last night was my degree show in Preston which was lovely being able to show my family what I have been working on for last 6 months. I also got nominated for a Creative Focus award which was amazing,  really did not expect to have received the email inviting me to the awards! It was a lovely ceremony  :) The next exhibition is in London next week which I am so excited for, so happy I have the chance to go, hard work really does pay off and I have loved university so much! 
Join us in London!
For more photographs from this series go to my website linked above and contact me by email.

Email: akempenphotography@gmail.com
Twitter: @abikempen
Exhibition: @vantage2013
Instagram: abikempen

Artist Statement: 
Throughout history, Birds of Prey have enjoyed a special relationship with mankind 
and have been revered as possessing extraordinary qualities holding a unique place 
in ancient mythology.
Anthropomorphism, describes the attribution of human characteristics, behaviors
and emotions to these Birds of Prey propelling them to a position of deity, captivating
an audience by a mythical, magical, mysterious, ethereal command. These astonishing 
birds are bestowed with sacred virtues of exquisite beauty, wisdom, power and insight. 
They demand a God like status.
This series of photographs documents the eminence of Birds of Prey within the setting 
of their sanctuary home in Turbary Woods Rescue Centre, capturing their enduring
undeniable, majestic, poise, dignity and splendor. akempen2013


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