June 05, 2013

Maybelline Color show- Polka Dots

Colour show- Polka Dots £2.99

I do love this nail polish, it is fun and is different, the polka dots instantly caught my eye in Boots and I had to try it. They were on offer when I bought 2 colours, I got this one and a lilac shade. The nail polish is quit light at first when you apply it to the nail but with a second coat it starts to become more pink. If you wanted to you could do a very light pink base coat and then apply the polka dots to give it a bit of help to show through nicely. 

I love the colour of this one and it does last considering it has bits in it, i expected to have to add a clear coat on top to flatten the dots but there was no need to. They stay on and it feels quit flat to the nail with no hassle of catching the bits. I like the fact it is sheer as you can add it to another colour to experiment with the dots. 

This product is only £2.99 and is a fun update to your nails!
What do you think of this product?
have you tried this one?





  1. I posted my review of this yesterday and I'm just so love in with it! I'm definitely going to get more shades and the L'Oreal Speckled Top Coat so I can pair the speckled effect with any colour! I used a white nail polish underneath and it made the pink in it pop so much, I'd really recommend using a white underneath! xx

    freshbeautyxox.blogspot.com xx

    1. Heya
      Will have a look at your review too :)
      Thank you will try that xxx

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  3. I have this and looove it :) Although I've found it such a pain to remove :/ xx

  4. awh this is so pretty! i might try create something similar with the polishes i've got as i think i have too many to justify buying anymore!

    L x

  5. that's brilliant for £2.99. i agree it' different to most nail polishes out there and looks fun


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