June 06, 2013

Formby Beach 3/6/2013

On Monday we decided to have a day out to the beach as it has started to brighten up this week with some lovely weather. The beach is my favorite place to be ever as it is so relaxing and I adore seeing my dog so happy swimming in the sea. I have made a huge effort to go places this year even if it is just around the corner like this beach. The air did me good to be out and soaking up the sunshine, Bella met a new dog friend called Penny which was so cute they had so much fun running around and getting muddy. I love days out like this as you feel relaxed at the beach and the fresh air makes you so sleepy when you get home. It was a fantastic day out and much needed! I have been using my new camera a lot since my birthday so hopefully you don't mind a lot of the lifestyle posts. I want to be able to go to the beach a lot more this Summer with Izabella and go explore places. I have planned a trip to Paris soon after graduation and this Monday I am going for a day out to the Lake District which will be lovely :)

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