June 30, 2013

Windermere Adventure

A few weeks ago I went on a little adventure to the Lakes with my friend Liz, it was great to relax and get some fresh air as we both had been doing plenty of university work and thought we would go out and take some photographs! Costa was a must on this trip, well every trip needs a Costa ice drink to be honest! 
We went to some cafes and walked around some book stores which was lovely and it was great to have time to relax and take some images! We went on a 45 minute boat ride round the lake which I enjoyed as we got to sit and look at the lovely views of the mountains and boats whilst taking in the fresh air! I must say I am really enjoying taking some trips away for the day to photograph and relax it is a must! I need to plan my next trip on the train asap!


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  1. I love Windermere, it's such a gorgeous place to visit! x


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