July 31, 2013

Rimmel London - Apocalips Lip Lacquers

I have been wanting to try out these Apocalips lip lacquers for so long as I have been hearing reviews about them on blogs and YouTube for so long and that they are worth the purchase. I totally agree with the comments that have been made on these products as I was already willing to try them as Rimmel is one of my must have essentials in my make up bag. I think that the consistency of the products are amazing as they feel great when applying them to your lips, the texture is like a lip gloss but once on it feels great as it is not sticky. The colours of these products work well from brights to nude colours, I chose Big Bang and Celestial which are two great colours, I wanted to get a bright one for going out and a pink one for an everyday look. 

The feel of them after a couple hours can be dry but they are easy to carry in your bag and a quick top up of the product and you are good to go. I like how they dry with a matte finish as I don't tend to buy any lip glosses lately but this is an extra bonus for me as it feels good on the lip and doesn't catch your hair in the sticky gloss or feel weird. The second bonus about this product even after you have eaten the colour only fades a slight amount, it still looks and feels great without worrying that it has gone all funny. Below is how it looks with my everyday make up look!

Big Bang- £5.99

The second colour I got was this lovely red colour which is called Big bang, it really suits its name in this range as it is the one to stand out the most for me as a beautiful bright selection. I enjoy wearing red lipsticks such as the Kate Moss 107 so this one is great piece to my collection. Below is how it looks with the same make up look as the top picture.

I would buy these products again as I feel they are a must to a make up collection, they feel amazing and look amazing, I adore the packaging too. I am a huge fan of most Rimmel products so they defiantly have not let me down with these lip lacquers. I want the whole collection and I am really tempted to get some more!
At the moment Boots have them on offer for two for £10.

What do you think of these?
Which colours do you recommend?



July 30, 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Daisy dress (George)

Dress: Asda £8

So this is a little different post to what I usually do, I really want to add more posts like this as I do really enjoy it. My style is really just random things I enjoy to wear and what I try to fit best for my body shape. I also usually wear a little more makeup but I was on my way to Boots to get a few more bits as a lot of my everyday make up had run out so I treated myself to some new eye shadows, lipsticks and other bits that I will blog about soon. I am so excited to get back into my blog as I took a few months off to finish my third year of university. :)
I got my dress when I was in London and decided that everything I packed I hated as you do and decided that I thought it was an amazing price for a little cute easy to wear dress. I am so glad I got it as it was so warm that week and it kept me cool on the tube. It is from George at Asda and such good quality for the price, I do enjoy wearing this dress a lot. I love the daisy print on it and think it is perfect to go with leather jackets and tights. I wear my vans with EVERYTHING woops! I think they are the comfiest shoes in the world! Big fan of Vans and will re purchase a pair every time they break. 
The leather jacket I got last year as a present from my boyfriend and it has lasted so well as I wear it a lot with many outfits.
I like to keep outfits simple and comfy and quite girly in which I shop at Topshop, Boohoo, Missguided and Primark. These are my favorite shops to go get my outfits from and hopefully soon can start to do more posts like this! :)

What do you think of this outfit?
Want me to do more like this?




July 29, 2013

My week in photographs- Instagram

Bella Cuddles/ Bubblegum Milkshake / My fave Ice cream shop / Liz got me this for graduating :) / My new bedroom layout and bed / cinema snacks / BBQ at my moms house / My new budgie Ollie / Me & Bella exploring castles / Blackpool Zoo / Me & my new pet from the zoo / Me & Bella on a lovely walk!

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July 27, 2013

British Themed Giveaway!!

I wanted to do something different with this giveaway as I usually photograph what I wanted to giveaway to my lovely followers! This time due to the new Prince being born I thought to celebrate this  and my blog turning 1 I would do a fun giveaway! I have enjoy blogging about beauty and lifestyle on my blog and I am grateful to my followers. Thank you so much for me not just rambling on to myself! :)

In this prize you can expect to see a few things such as British beauty products and other fun stuff!
Hope you guys like this idea, if so please comment below your ideas on what you may want to see in this box of goodies!!!

Open to worldwide entries! <3

Please enter below and if you have any questions feel free to tweet me or email me!

I will be doing a review on all the products that go into the box and if you blog I will add the link to your blog to the post too! Good luck!



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July 25, 2013

Topshop Jewelry under £20

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

I went onto the Topshop website and decided to choose a few pieces of jewelry that I would wear under £20. These 6 pieces are my favorite, I noticed a gold theme after choosing them in which is my favorite at the moment to wear. I adore the black and gold look and it is easy to pair it with a lot of outfits that just need some statement or subtle jewelry.  I really need to invest in number two for some of my outfits as I have seen so many outfit posts with this necklace and think it looks beautiful as a little piece to add to a outfit. 
I love the cat necklace but saying that anything with an animal on I would buy, it is so cute!
I love Topshop for jewelry as you can find something to fit most outfits and something to suit your own style.
All of these are under £20 which is awesome if you just want to buy something that will add something special to an outfit. For my own style I would love to wear one/ two as they are not too big but still will make a subtle statement to my outfits. I wear a lot of skater dresses so I can see myself wearing them two, I love the two toned piece (1) gives it something special out of the others for me.

Which of these are your favorite?
Do you love Topshop jewelry too?




July 24, 2013

Wishlist- Topshop, Mac & Boohoo

One/ Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

This whole outfit I would love to own, all of these items are on my wishlist this week. I adore the black/white look at the moment and it is my own favorite style to wear personally as I feel comfortable in it. I adore black bags as it has a timeless feel to them, you can use a black bag with any outfit without it feeling out of place for me. I am in need of some more summery shoes as we are having such lovely warm weather at the moment. I adore the gold detailing around the ankle, gives it a more edgy feel to the outfit as I love girly clothes but I do love adding that bit of edge to the look.  At the moment the floral head band is such a good look, I have seen so many people wearing them for festivals and it looks beautiful so I would love to won my own this Summer to wear with pretty skater dresses or a crop top with Topshop jeans! 
To finish of this look I would wear a bright lipstick such as the Mac RIRI Woo! Perfect shade!
The sunglasses are so cool I just need these in my life! This would defiantly be my look for a festival if I had one planed this year! Next year defiantly making a plan to go to at least one :)

What do you think of the look?
I just need this in my life :)




July 23, 2013

Rivington & Plans

Last week in the UK we had such lovely weather for a change, so Rob and myself took Izabella to Rivington for the afternoon. She adores this place because she can swim and run around crazy all afternoon burning up all her energy! I enjoy going here on a lovely day as it was super relaxing and we had such a lovely day together. I got a little compact camera for my birthday this year and have taken it everywhere I go lately so this is why I have so many lifestyle posts up on my blog, I will be doing more beauty related ones soon as I am not a skint graduate :) Talking about graduating it was such a lovely ceremony and I may upload the images on here if anyone wants me too. 

I adore taking Bella out for the day it is my favorite to spend time with her. I enjoyed last week as I went to Blackpool zoo and had a few lovely days out such as going to a car boot sale in which I found some amazing things! It is my goal this Summer to go out and take some more photographs and to enjoy days out. As soon as I can book Paris I will and hopefully go to Harry Potter Studios, been meaning to go for so long now!
One holiday that needs to be saved for is a trip to America!

Hope you enjoyed my lifestyle post :)
Feel free to comment below or add me on Twitter!

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July 03, 2013

Instagram Update

Bella & me/ Seagull/ Flowers/ Panda in History Museum London/ Science Museum London/ Pigeon/ Me in Hyde Park/ History Museum/ London/ My birdies on show in London Free range/ Photo booth fun/ Hummingbird Bakery Chelsea/  Candy Kittens store / Me/ Jay and me on the opening night of our degree show in London/ My birds of prey up in London Free Range shows/ Giraffe cafe smoothie/ amazing apartment we stayed in! 

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