July 31, 2013

Rimmel London - Apocalips Lip Lacquers

I have been wanting to try out these Apocalips lip lacquers for so long as I have been hearing reviews about them on blogs and YouTube for so long and that they are worth the purchase. I totally agree with the comments that have been made on these products as I was already willing to try them as Rimmel is one of my must have essentials in my make up bag. I think that the consistency of the products are amazing as they feel great when applying them to your lips, the texture is like a lip gloss but once on it feels great as it is not sticky. The colours of these products work well from brights to nude colours, I chose Big Bang and Celestial which are two great colours, I wanted to get a bright one for going out and a pink one for an everyday look. 

The feel of them after a couple hours can be dry but they are easy to carry in your bag and a quick top up of the product and you are good to go. I like how they dry with a matte finish as I don't tend to buy any lip glosses lately but this is an extra bonus for me as it feels good on the lip and doesn't catch your hair in the sticky gloss or feel weird. The second bonus about this product even after you have eaten the colour only fades a slight amount, it still looks and feels great without worrying that it has gone all funny. Below is how it looks with my everyday make up look!

Big Bang- £5.99

The second colour I got was this lovely red colour which is called Big bang, it really suits its name in this range as it is the one to stand out the most for me as a beautiful bright selection. I enjoy wearing red lipsticks such as the Kate Moss 107 so this one is great piece to my collection. Below is how it looks with the same make up look as the top picture.

I would buy these products again as I feel they are a must to a make up collection, they feel amazing and look amazing, I adore the packaging too. I am a huge fan of most Rimmel products so they defiantly have not let me down with these lip lacquers. I want the whole collection and I am really tempted to get some more!
At the moment Boots have them on offer for two for £10.

What do you think of these?
Which colours do you recommend?



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