July 23, 2013

Rivington & Plans

Last week in the UK we had such lovely weather for a change, so Rob and myself took Izabella to Rivington for the afternoon. She adores this place because she can swim and run around crazy all afternoon burning up all her energy! I enjoy going here on a lovely day as it was super relaxing and we had such a lovely day together. I got a little compact camera for my birthday this year and have taken it everywhere I go lately so this is why I have so many lifestyle posts up on my blog, I will be doing more beauty related ones soon as I am not a skint graduate :) Talking about graduating it was such a lovely ceremony and I may upload the images on here if anyone wants me too. 

I adore taking Bella out for the day it is my favorite to spend time with her. I enjoyed last week as I went to Blackpool zoo and had a few lovely days out such as going to a car boot sale in which I found some amazing things! It is my goal this Summer to go out and take some more photographs and to enjoy days out. As soon as I can book Paris I will and hopefully go to Harry Potter Studios, been meaning to go for so long now!
One holiday that needs to be saved for is a trip to America!

Hope you enjoyed my lifestyle post :)
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