August 04, 2013

25 Facts about me!

I thought I would do a bit of a personal blog post for this lovely Sunday!
Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!

1)  If you follow me on any social media you may know I have a beautiful border collie called Izabella! Go look at her beautiful face at abikempen on my Instagram! <3 I just adore her so much!

2) I grew up in South Africa and moved to the UK when I was 15!

3) I understand Afrikaans and went to an Afrikaans high school for a year in South Africa.

4) My favorite colours are lilac and blue.

5) favorite colour to wear is red!

6) I am so afraid of spiders and I'm not keen on the dark! 

7) I have a degree in Photography!

8) I am hardly ever late for anything due to the fact I get anxious and leave plenty of time to get ready etc.

9) I love make up and everything girly and sparkly. I am a magpie!

10) I love Boohoo, Topshop, Boots and Primark!!

11) I love being creative 

12) I love going to the zooo!

13) I love sunshine and hate the cold weather, the only thing I love about Winter is Christmas!!

14) I am a very motivated person!

15) I love playing tennis and I am awful at every sport going!

16) addicted to Instagram!

17) I photographed owls for my final project for University and I adore them. I received a lot of owl related presents for my birthday and graduation <3 

18) I love chocolate toooo much oops!

19) I love getting my photographs printed to keep them safe for the future to show my family!

20) I adore exploring new places and photographing my finds and blogging!

21) Favorite make up brand to buy is Rimmel

22) I need to visit America or Australia one day!! ( Disney Land plz)

23) I want to get my Masters degree one day!

24) I may try out YouTube videos soon!

25) I love meeting new people

So there is a little bit of information about me and hope you enjoyed this post!
follow me on Instagram (abikempen) and my Twitter is @abikempen


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