August 27, 2013

Bank Holiday Monday Fete!

 Third best sausage catcher and 99s!
 second place in the pets category! 
 Lovely sunny day!
 Happy pooch!
 Tilly the pug <3 with Laura 
 Doggies everywhere!
Walmer Bridge Village Fete 

On bank holiday Monday we decided to go to a little village fete for the day and the sun was shining which was a bonus. It was lovely as it was a relaxed day walking around eating 99s and having a good day with some friends, Laura brought her pug Tilly to see my Bella. Tilly is such a cutie pie and so small as shes only a little pup still, Bella is nearly three in December how time flies! I entered my owl photograph into the pets category of the photography competition and got second place which was awesome, this was my first ever rosette. Later on in the day I decided to enter Bella into the best sausage catcher challenge as she was interested in the judge when she opened the tin of sausages, it went on for about half an hour until only 3 dogs were left in it and Bella dropped the sausage but got third place out of about 15 poochies. I am a very proud mommy, it is such a funny story though to remember as it was fun too. We had a great day out and it was relaxing, Above is a photograph of Bella with her rosette which is adorable, it made my family laugh and now they call her the sausage catcher! I love days like this it makes me happy to catch up with some friends and to spend time with my pooch who made me very proud as she was so well behaved all day.

99s, sunshine and my pooch such a lovely day out! 
What did you do on Bank holiday Monday?



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