August 22, 2013

How To Start A Blog!

So I started my blog a year ago just before I went back to university to start my third year, I needed something to become creative with and as I read many other peoples blogs I thought to myself why not try it myself. Since starting my blog I have enjoyed every minute of it, you may get blogger block and have no idea what to blog about for day or even weeks but as long as you still enjoy it and put your all into every post it will be worth it for yourself and the people that read your blog. Having readers on your blog is amazing and the lovely comments you get from some loyal readers makes your day, I find that blogging is fun, exciting and I love to write and share my ideas and interests on a online diary. As long as you enjoy it go for it as I cannot see myself not typing  away on my blog!

1) First steps of starting a blog you need to choose a name, as this is what will make your blog unique to you. Sit down and grab a notebook, start to write down key words that describe you as a person or things that you love. The name will soon come to you and you then can start to create an identity of yourself through your blog. I chose Kemples as it was my nickname at college and it is very close to my surname Kempen, this blog did start as Milkshake Sprinkles but I am glad I made it more personal to me and my name.

2) I then would create an online identity to share all the amazing blog posts that you create by starting up a Facebook, Twitter and an email that people can get hold of you on if needs be. All this will help bring viewers to your blog and create interest in the work you do. Use hashtags at the end of each tweet that may relate to your post such as #bbloggers or #lbloggers. 

3) Find out when all the Twitter blog chats are and have a good talk to fellow bloggers. I do this and learn some pretty awesome tips and tricks from some amazing people. Join in and have some fun with your blog.

4) The most important thing to do is blog about things that make you happy, never blog because you have to or about things you hate. Become positive and always have a honest opinion on products you like or may dislike. people will respect you for this as at the end of the day we all want to know what a product is really about. 

5) Create a banner for you blog that represents you and your blog, I just recently updated mine and I adore it. Enjoy all aspects of your blog from the posts to the design.

6) share love on other peoples blogs, comment on their posts as blogging takes time and sharing the love is great!

7) Keep a diary to help you stay organised as I blogged while I was at university and working, planning was key for me and still is now that I have graduated. You can write down blog ideas for when you are stuck on what to write about.Schedule blog posts too in advance this helps to keep ontop of your university/ school / college work as education is important! 

8) Let your reader get to know you, we all like to know a bit about the person behind all the text. Try having weekly posts about what you upload on Instagram or do a 25 facts about me post?

9) You don't have to have the best camera in the world, I studied photography at university so I have a 550D Canon but I also have a snappy camera that I can have in my hand bag at all times. I recommend this as you don't know when an opportunity will arise and you may want to blog about it. They are easy to use and have perfectly acceptable images, I use my little Canon for my blog posts. You can also take photographs in bulk and keep them on your desktop in a file ready to be reviewed and then you can go ahead and try out the product as it has been photographed looking brand new and untouched which is a must for me.

10) Come up with a goal of how much you may want to post a week, it is totally up to you as it is your space to work and become creative.

11) Always give credit to photographs or text you haven't done its always good to do so! I would also always link to the products you have reviewed as it is easier for your readers to find things and know where to find it.

12) BlogLovin is also great to have all your favorite blogs in groups and if you want follow the blogs on GF.

13) If you mention any product, brand or person in your posts give them a tweet, you may get a re tweet and this gets more of an audience to see your work.

14) Always welcome feedback as it is great to have and it can only help you get better. 

15) most importantly enjoy your blog!

If you have any more questions comment below or drop me an email at / @abikempen / kemples1




  1. This is an extemely helpful post. I remember when I thought about starting a blog I had no idea how to do it, if only I'd read a post like this then!

    1. Thank you so much! Hope it helps a few people to kick start something special :)


  2. great tips! the beginning is always hard!

  3. thankyou for writing this ^^ its really helpful!
    I never thought of keeping a diary to make sure I make time to blog...

    - hana

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Great post ^^ i'm all new to this! thanks for the advice :) x


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