August 06, 2013

OOTD - Boohoo & Matalan

BBQ Outfit:
Top: matalan  
Midi Skirt: Boohoo £6
Ring: Pandora
Bracelet: Graduation Present :)

So today I have been at my moms house having a little cute dinner together with all the doggies and I  brought Izabella along with me to see her doggy mommy. I am not the best at outfit posts I think because I am still a skint graduate really, not going to lie but I want to show my outfits that I like wearing now and then and then hopefully get better at it. because I adore cute outfits and things! What do you guys think? This was taken in my garden and the background is the home of 16 chickens! 

I got my t-shirt a while ago now for last Summer to go to the beach for my 21st birthday but I linked a similar top that you could wear with the Boohoo midi dress. I love slogan tops and you can pick up some lovely ones from Boohoo, Matalan and Primark!  I adore wearing skirts like this because they are easy to wear with Vans and nice easy tops but still look a little dressed up. I added in the few bits of jewelry that I wore today in as well, bracelet from my friend Liz for graduating with a degree in Photography and my ring I got from Pandora to remind me I am really lucky to have Rob and Bella due to the fact last year I was in two car accidents and they completely frightened me and I didn't want to drive as well as suffering from panic attacks in public places. I am a lot better this year and have managed to become myself again due to enjoying my last year at university and having my friends and Rob around me so this cute heart ring reminds me how far I have come and how lucky I am.. 

My make up is how I would wear it nearly everyday but I look tad pale due to it being taken outside oops!
I usually wear Bourjois foundation, Sleek blusher ( Review), Bourjois bronzer, Rimmel on my lips (Review) and my Mua eye shadow palette ( Review) I adore Rimmel make up and my eyeliner, mascara and liquid eyeliner all from Rimmel too.

I love to wear this outfit with a black leather jacket or cardigan and to accessorize it more I would wear my bowler hat in which I love to wear to exhibitions etc!

What do you guys think?
Boohoo is my favorite for perfect outfits!
I will get better at these posts promise :)
Kind of a outfit / lifestyle post! <3




  1. I love that top it's so cute :) xx

  2. matalan is a cave for hidden gems! i love going in every so often, it's also great for home things.
    ahhhhh bella gets to see her dog mum that's the cutest thing i've read!

    1. I totally agree! I went in today and got a jumper for £3.50 bargain! and some new cushions for £1.50 to add to my room! xx


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