August 05, 2013

Sleek Blusher

 Sleek Blusher Pomegranate 
 Mirror inside!
 Beautiful matte finish and highly pigmented!
 Sleek Blusher: £4.49 SuperDrug

This is one of my first Sleek purchases and I was so excited to try them out as I have heard so many good reviews on the products. I am really pleased by this product as it gives a lovely highly pigmented shade to your cheeks and brightens up the face. I used up my blusher from The Body Shop and thought I might as well try out a new blusher. This blusher is £4.49 at Superdrug and I decided to buy a Sleek eye shadow palette too which I am excited to review and try!

I love the matte finish of this blusher as it gives a lovely finish to your cheek bones, you don't need to use too much as it is highly pigmented but it gives my face a little bit of brightness to it which I like. It is the first time I have used Sleek but I will defiantly be wanting some more products by them as I have enjoyed the product as well as it being an amazing blusher. It is one of my favorites to use already after a couple weeks of use, I may have to go back when it is finished to buy it again!  
 The price is reasonable and the packaging is amazing, I love the smooth black finish and the mirror inside which is handy to top up your make up. I have found that this blusher stays on well throughout the day due to it being highly pigmented which I so like as I don't want to look all patchy or anything while I am out and about. This product is defiantly one of my favorites this year and highly recommend it due to it being so perfect! I will defiantly be purchasing some more Sleek products from now on as well as reviewing my Sleek eye shadow palette soon!

What do you guys think of Sleek?
What products do you recommend?




  1. I'm a fan of sleek blushes and eye shadows. My favourite is flushed, and this looks like a nice colour.

    1. So glad I invested in some of Sleek , I can see myself buying more oops!



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