August 02, 2013

Social Print Studio - Printing Instagram

So I ordered two packs of 48 prints for 12 dollars which is incredible as I do love to use Instagram a lot! (abikempen) I do believe that you should print your images as well as using all the social medias you like, maybe one day you want to look back on your life and oops you only used social media to share all your special moments. So I do think that is is important to still print your images and at 12 dollars why the hell not! woop!

I tend to stick these prints in a little scrap book my friend got me for taking photographs of her art work for her. I love to keep these little images safe as I want to be able to look back at all those special moments I captured using Instagram. I am a huge fan of Instagram as it acts as a visual diary and it makes people become more creative and look at the world as a photograph. I think this is a brilliant thing capturing the little moments in your own life through the use of interacting with your friends and followers. I want to keep safe all the memories of my boyfriend and my dog as well as those memories of days out and events that are worth snapping away with on Instagram. 

The prints are high quality and come presented nicely packaged as shown in image one. They are neatly packaged in a bundle and I adore the little white border as it keep it the same feel as Instagram, a snap shot. I love the size of them as they are easy to store away safe or put them into a photo album. I love the price as well because you get such a high quality product that you can keep up with as you snap away on Instagram. For me this is a highly recommended company who dispatch your prints within 4 working days. I have used them before and received amazing service then too. I will purchase my Instagram prints from them again and again as I love the quality and having my memories printed for me to be creative with.
You can also get your images turned into mini books and calendars!

I love Instagram and printing my images!
How do you feel about printing images?
Have you used this company? 
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  1. Aw these look great. I've been wanting to get Instagram prints for ages!

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. These look fab, I love their little photo books too. I will be using these to pritn my holiday pictures xx

    1. do it they honestly come back amazing :) xxx


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