August 11, 2013

Sunday Pooch Face #1

Bella and her sister Nevada

I am hoping to post a cute picture every week on a Sunday about my pooch Izabella. I just adore her and she is a huge part of my life and family, she is just the most loving little girly ever and I love her so much. I want her to be part of my blog posts each week as I do post a lot of pictures of her on Instagram too. I am forever thinking omg that's so cute and taking a photo of her! She is 3 in December, how time flies!
I got Bella from my mom's dog Jessica and instantly starting to beg my boyfriend to see if we could keep her because I just could not let her go, she was just so cute! Each night when my mom went to bed I would steal Bella for a little cuddle in my room for a hour, this may explain why I got so attached to her but at the time I named her Panda. This was going to be her name but someone said it reminded them of Pandora's box and that it might be bad luck so I had to re think her name, I do think she suits Bella a lot. I am so happy that we got to keep her and that she is part of my life! I just adore this little cutie pie so much!



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